Plex server settings not available

Worked for me if your server settings are unavailable try re-downloading and install the server

yea that doesn’t occupational been dealing with this for some time. Have to run Application as Administrator, so as soon as server reboots wont job-related appropriate till you login to server, run as Admin, then ago up again.Need solution been going on for the last 6-8 update releases.

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Same difficulty here - has been lagging seriously of late and can’t obtain server settings to come up at all. Tried deleting the solutions bundle file as others have actually mentioned in previous, yet to no avail either - damn frustrating to say the least!

The MOST annoying thing around this is over the VAST number of questions in these on this extremely issue, there isn’t one single answer or remedy from support stating how to get rid of or settle this! Guys…soptimal including brand-new and also wonderful apps and also elements to, just for a moment, and also settle some of the important bugs that exist!!

I have actually this issue now too. Will see around opening a support situation. Am a vivaworldcup.infoPass subscriber for a long time yet never before necessary main assistance before. Will see… v1.12.2.4929-29f6d1796Synology NAS (DSMv6/Linux 3.10.102 (#15284 SMP Sat May 19 04:16:44 CST 2018)

So… I decided to reboot my NAS aacquire and also after that it lets me obtain to the server settings. Go figure. I had done that last weekend as soon as I first noticed the trouble. I turned on “Partial shave the right to on adjust detection” and additionally to run the scanner work at a reduced priority. Will watch how the mechanism reacts.

I was having an concern where I couldn’t accessibility the server settings page and also couldn’t query new metainformation. I remembered when I set up the server (trying to resolve a database issue) I ran the installer as an administrator. Literally, right-clicking the installer and running as administrator – in order to stop concerns now I need to launch as an admin…PITA but it works. At some point it will bother me sufficient where I’ll reinstall it (the appropriate way, without elevated rights) and also hopecompletely that fixes the issue relocating forward.

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I lastly had the ability to revert to Version and also all my difficulty are gone.With the latest Version (July 18, 2018) I was unable to go in servedr settings and unable to play anypoint on the internet player. has a significant worry via its last version…


Applies only to Windows:if you relocated your data folder to the root folder of a different drive letter:Make certain that you create it as e.g. E: (consisting of the backslash at the end!)under Settings - Server - General - ‘Sexactly how Advanced’ - “The path wright here local application information is stored”

OK so exactly how are you expected to carry out that if you cant access the Setups page in the first area.

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This issue seems to have occured since upgrade to variation 5271 on the 20th of this month for me.

I have actually my information folder in a various drive place as you cite however wont be able to change the establishing as the Server settings are unobtainable. so exactly how carry out I work around this and also resolve?