Port is open but cannot connect minecraft


This is a basic error, yet I"m unable to situate the difficulty and therefore solution. I"m hosting a Minecraft server on my localhost ( on port 25565. It can be accessed from the hold by its interior IP (localhost and also however is unable to be accessed from the outside IP (101.xxx.xx.xx).

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Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Yes. I"ve restarted my host. Also the server says

<14:32:14> : Starting Minecraft server on *:25565

so it should be true.

Port Forwarded?

I have the right to verify that the port is open to HTTP via a basic Node.JS server hosted on the tool. This can be accessed on via 101.xxx.xx.xx:25565 on my mobile tool on the same network-related yet times-out on the internet browser of the hold. Additionally, it is forwarded on both TCP and UDP.


const createServer = require("http")createServer((req, res) => consingle.log("Request", req.url) res.end("Ok")).listen(25565)


Furthermore, I modified my firewalls: Windows and also antivirus. I turned off Alarge Net Shield which blocks foreign unwell-known internet connections and complied with both these tutorials to add firewall exceptions for Java and port exceptions. I enabled my Telstra Arcadyan modem to store its firewall because I could still accessibility my inner network from a international address.

Wireshark and Nmap

I suspected that the internal connection was the issue so I used nmap. I ran it on the host and also one more tool on the network, my Raspberry Pi (

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On my Raspberry Pi, nmap -p 25565 -T4 -Pn -A -v on my raspberry pi ( changed

25565/tcp open up minecraft Minecraft 1.12.2 (Protocol: 127, Message: Rebirth of the Night! (Optifine 1.12.2), Users: 0/6)

Additionally the exact same command but with a various location (WAN IP), reverted the exact same message.

On my host Windows device, the outcome was the same for the inner IP (, however the outside IP (101.xxx.xx.xx) reverted filtered. This is generally why I believe tright here is a firewall in the method.

25565/tcp filtered minecraft

Host - Local Address


Host - Foreign Address


Raspberry Pi - Local Address


Raspberry Pi - Foregime Address



I suspect it need to be because of an inbound link to firewall problem due to my trials with nmap and also wireshark. Sadly, I"m unable to find it. Am I missing something?


The answer can be right here. though I"m not particular. It might be a NAT Loopback problem.


Tbelow is no server logging when I try to affix from the outside address i.e. no proof of a link attempt

Tbelow are various other servers on this LAN

When doing the trial and error listed below, I did not invoke the Node.JS and the MC server conpresently.

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As a side note, Wireshark via the filter udp.port == 25565 || tcp.port == 25565 had actually three various outputs.