Preparing to configure windows stuck

Isn’t it fairly irritating that once you are in a rush to go outside, while you shut dvery own your computer, it started taking updays but unfortunately stuck? Anymethod, you are not alone on this beautiful earth that is dealing with this trouble. A limited variety of claims have actually been received against this concern, and I am going to share around addressing your “preparing to configure home windows stuck” trouble to let you go external once you are in a rush. Ok, enough horn tooting, let’s take the show on the road.

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How will certainly you understand also that your PC might be stuck because of the installation of one or several numbers of Windows updates? You will certainly get below messeras that will continue for a long time

Preparing to connumber Windows. Do not revolve off your computer.Configuring Windows updates / x% complete / Do not turn off your computer.Please carry out not power off or unplug your machine. / Installing update x of x…Working on updays / x% finish / Don’t rotate off your computerKeep your COMPUTER on till this is done / Installing update x of x…Getting Windows prepared / Don’t rotate off your computer

You might uncover different wordings relying on your OS variation.

Reasons for Frozen Windows Update


Several reasons are responsible for having actually a frozen home windows display. The main factor is if tright here is any type of software application dispute happen or tright here is any pre-existing problem that was concealed and also ultimately involved the light installation of home windows update. Much even more infrequently are they happened by a fault on Microsoft’s part about the upgrade home windows 10 itself, yet it does take place.

Sometimes, windows updays need several minutes, so be certain that the home windows update gets stuck before going to the following process. Trying to repair the windows system an issue that doesn’t genuinely can geneprice a brand-new difficulty.

How to Stop Windows Preparing to Configure?

Yet, I am sharing a number of solutions to fix the problem. You don’t should use them all. , work-related your method from the below methods until the problem get fixed

Method 01: Wait until all the Windows update set up successfully

Does your desktop computer and lapoptimal stuck on and also reflecting “Preparing to Connumber Windows” message on the screen? If your answer is yes, then it may specify that installation and configuration are going on your Windows device.

How many days before you mounted your Windows updates? If it a lengthy time, you need to provide a reasonable amount of time to let your Windows grip all the updates.

Depfinishing on the hardware specifications, it may take 2 hours or 20 minutes. It is recommended to wait for 2 hours minimum. And if still the same message showing, let’s attempt the following strategy.

Method 02: Discharge all the exterior gadgets and also give a reboot

We are proceeding from Method # 1. As your PC display screen still mirroring the lappeak stuck on “Preparing to Connumber Windows,” and also a reasonable amount of time currently passed, so before going to the following fix confirm you discharged all the external devices like USB flash drives, any kind of outside hard disk, or pen drive and offer a Reboot. Follow action by action from listed below to carry out so

Step: Hit and don’t release your finger from the power switch until your COMPUTER shuts dvery own effectively.Step: Discharge all outwards power supply or remove the lappeak battery as well.Step: Aget, push and also hold the power button for the following 15 secs.Step: Release your hands from the power button. Give rest for a couple of minutes. Then plug on your PC through a power supply or connect the battery of your lappeak.Step: To obtain a reboot, push the power switch again.Step: You might obtain an alert that your computer system shuts dvery own imcorrectly, then select the alternative to boot generally.

Once you signed in your OS follow the below measures to examine if the problem continues

Step 01: Hit the Windows Keyword logo design and create down Windows Upday. You will get a Search Result list. From tright here, select to Check for Updates.


Tip 02: A pop-up home window will certainly appear — choose Check for Updates.



Tip 03: Wait for the following a number of minutes as Windows will downpack and install all the compelled updays.

Now Rebegin your COMPUTER or lapheight to inspect whether it is getting stuck in the “Preparing to Connumber Windows” page aget or not. You need to attach your PC or laptop via electricity and leave it for a whole night to organize all the updays. Typically, a full night is enough to obtain the occupational end up.

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In the morning, if you discover that your PC or lapoptimal still at the very same option, continue the instruction over to percreate a hard reboot and also go to the following technique.

Method 03: Accomplishing a Clean Boot

If the trouble continues, you have to attain a clean boot. It is a troubleshooting approach that permits disabling the startups manually to let you discover out the difficulty that is developing the main trouble. Once you understand wbelow the trouble is, uninstall it and also acquire the worry resolved.

Step 01: To open up the run the dialog, Press Windows Key + R together. In package, compose down MSConfig, swarm ENTER to obtain the System Configuration Window.



Tip 02: From System Configuration home window, choose Services Tab, offer a tick note to “Hide all Microsoft Services” and also then hit “Disable All.”



Tip 03: Now open Startup Tab and choose Open Tash Manager.



Step 04: Now, we will certainly gain a list of Startup items. Select eextremely Startup Up and click Disable choice in eexceptionally step.



Step 05: Aobtain, back to System Configuration home window, Startup tab and also choose OK.



Step 06: You will certainly ask to offer a Restart to your PC or lapheight. Choose Restart.



Tip 07: Give a Windows upday again when your COMPUTER or lappeak restarts Windows.

Form your Keyboard, select the Windows logo vital > type Windows Update > Check for updays (from the list of the search result).A pop-up window will appear and choose Check for updays.Windows will search for updates and install them accordingly. Wait till the moment.

Tip 08: Give a Restart as soon as Windows attain getting all updays and install it.

Now, I think your display will certainly not have actually stuck in the “Preparing to Connumber Windows” web page aobtain. Finally, you accomplish the task. Did you remember that you Disabled the System Configuration home window service? To Enable it, go to System Configuration portion back. Once you end up Enabling eincredibly service, percreate a Restart of your PC or lappeak to use the transforms.

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Give a pat on your earlier as you percreated the job successfully. Now, the same problem will certainly not annoy you following time.

Lapheight stuck on preparing to connumber windows 10

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