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For about 2 years, I was not able to install any kind of new software program on my PlayStation Vita, for seemingly no reason. I could make new purchases from the PlayStation Store, however the download would constantly fail, and just on my Vita. No worries whatsoever before with my PlayStation 3 nor my PlayStation 4, however for some bizarre factor the Vita would constantly fail. Even stranger, reinstalling regional backups of deleted Vita software program was working perfectly fine, however not when redownloading and install sassist software application from the PlayStation Store again.

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This is the story of how I refixed the problem, without resorting to hacking. (Spoiler alert: it's Sony's fault.)

The problem

Whenever before I would certainly attempt to downfill any kind of purchased software application from the PlayStation Store to my Vita, the following error would take place instead:

Error Code: NP-9968-2Application: NPXS10002 (0b-000-000)NAT Type: 2System Software: 3.73Message: An error has developed.

Truly, the many valuable and descriptive error message ever.

Looking for remedies online

Sony provides a troubleshooting web page wbelow PlayStation error codes can be looked up for even more indevelopment. Problem is, NP-9968-2 is not also provided there.

What was clear was that I was not alone via this worry, and also I discovered multiple forum threads mentioning the exact same concern I was enduring. Eextremely thread I discovered provided the functioning solution as... disabling multi-element authentication of the linked PSN (PlayStation Network) account.

Yes, you check out that right: if your PSN account is also secure, you can't downfill your purchases. How did this got via high quality assurance? And for those wondering, no, Sony never fixed this.

Well I'm glad for those world that they uncovered a workapproximately, also if it's a dumb one. Unfortunately, I never before set off multi-element authentication on my account in the first area, so that solution did not apply to me. So I maintained looking.

The just various other useful and also appropriate point that I found was a forum article on a Greek website detailing a bunch of Vita errors. I'm not sure what the original source is, yet it seems to have been a backup of some Sony documentation, maybe an older version of the troubleshooting page I discussed earlier.

In any instance, my error was recorded tbelow, and this is what it sassist about it:

NP-9968-2PSN Password is incorrectPlease confirm that your password is correct. If you still cannot authorize in, please reset your password, and also usage the brand-new password to authorize in.

Unfortunately, I had the ability to authorize out and also authorize earlier in through my account on my Vita simply fine, so that solution was irrelevant.

As I couldn't find anything, I tried to call Sony's customer assistance. Turns out, not just were they reluctant to help me at all considering that they had actually phased out support for the Vita despite proceeding to release brand-new games for it, yet they likewise had actually no information around NP-9968-2!

Time to try something various.

Workapproximately attempt #1

In the previous, I had actually purchased a digital variation of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy for my Vita. The game had a weird quirk however: it might not be directly downloaded on a Vita, also though the passist demo version, Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy, can.

The workaround? Downpack the game on a PlayStation 3, then move it to the Vita. And yes, the game works flawlessly after doing so, so it's not a compatibility worry in between the PSP and also the Vita. You'd think someone would have actually solved the problem by now, however no.

Does this workabout job-related in this case? Unfortunately, no. The downfill would occupational on the PlayStation 3, yet the move to the Vita afterwards would certainly fail through the exact same NP-9968-2 error. Dang.

Workabout attempt #2

As the error seemed to be concerned the Vita's DRM (Digital Rights Management), there was a possibility that my Vita activation via my PSN account acquired corrupted. Because of this, I tried deactivating and reactivating it.

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Unexpectedly, attempting the deactivation likewise prompted error NP-9968-2!

Strangely, it was feasible to attempt a Vita activation while it is already triggered, so I likewise tried that, just in case. Once again, error NP-9968-2 stroke again!

At this allude, I suspected that if some activation got corrupted, it had to be on Sony's servers. Thankfully, it was possible to attach to a PSN account with their webwebsite and pressure a deactivation of all activated tools at once, via the limitation that this can only be perdeveloped once eextremely 6 months. So I did. Except it only detriggered my PlayStation 4, not my various other devices, and also then I can not try aobtain for 6 months.

I contacted Sony's customer support again, but this time about this deactivation concern, as I figured this was an problem through their website and also not via tradition gadgets. They sent me a form by email in order to validate my identification and also make sure my request was legit prior to processing, which I had actually filled and also submitted. However before, my research was rejected without giving any reason. So I contacted Sony aget, and given that they can not easily acquire the factor of the rejection, they sent out me an additional create. Same difficulty aget. This taken place 3 or 4 times in full.

At some suggest I insisted for the actual factor for the constant hand-operated rejections, and also ultimately acquired a solution after a day of delay: they thought the serial number I was giving was invalid.

It's important to note at this point that the sticker through my Vita's serial number printed on it actually dropped off of it a long back due to wear. Thus, the serial number I was offering was the one changed by Windows upon plugging my Vita to my PC using USB and also checking its properties, as I had actually previously validated that the numbers matched in between the 2. Because the published variation was formatted slightly differently however despite containing the exact same information, they had rejected it. Only after revealing this information that they ultimately apshowed my request and went ahead with the manual mass deactivation, which did well.

Unfortunately, error NP-9968-2 persisted after that.

Workroughly attempt #3

As a last ditch effort, Sony's customer company said formatting my Vita.

I was not interested attempting with a complete format, because I had actually exceptionally low expectations of success, and also because a faientice would cause me to shed accessibility to every one of my digital content and saved data. Sure, I had a backup, but I had actually no means to know for sure whether shelp backup would still work after a format as I could not uncover any kind of information regarding whether this would certainly create the DRM or not.

Still, I tried formatting whatever that was not tied to digital content. As intended, it didn't settle the problem.

The workroughly that lastly functioned for me

Remember the stvariety error description about an incorrect password from that Greek forum write-up I mentioned earlier? Guess what: it's actually relevant. In fact, it's what led me to appropriately guessing the actual functioning solution.

Turns out, the root reason of the error was that my password... was as well strong. My randomly-produced password had actually a peculiar residential property that made it so that it was functioning perfectly fine for everything, consisting of their webwebsite and all of my PlayStation devices, other than for the exceptionally specific use case of installing brand-new software on my Vita.

The peculiar problematic residential property of my password was... spaces.

As far as I deserve to tell, due to a pest, attempting to activate a Vita or install new software on it while the connected PSN password has actually a space in it causes it to fail via error code NP-9968-2. As Sony stopped releasing new firmware for the Vitan extra than a year earlier, I have no reason to intend an official patch from them around this despite my bug report to them.

I created a brand-new random password after excluding the space character, and also unexpectedly my Vita began functioning fine aobtain. Goodbye NP-9968-2, you will not be missed!

To include insult to injury, the one time I talked to a Sony customer assistance supervisor around this issue, he told me tbelow was no way my random password might be appropriate when I discussed this idea in the time of our call. It was.

I'm glad for the happy ending, yet... urgh. This was frustrating.

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Final solution

If you experience error code NP-9968-2 on your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV while being signed in to PSN, make certain to both disable multi-variable authentification and also ensure that your password just has ASCII printable personalities through no spaces.

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