Ps3 failed to obtain ip address

So I readjusted my rexternal today, and its working perfectly and also it functions well via all my tools however it doesn't work-related through my ps3 and everytime I attempt to connect to it stops working saying that it was unable to achieve the IP resolve if anyone can aid me through this I would certainly appreciate it a lot

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Its the DHCPs task to asauthorize new gadgets on the router. Write dvery own your DNS servers and also manually configure your ps3. Use an IP resolve inside the gateways subnet. If your rexternal is, collection your ps3 to You have the right to assign it within the range of the dhcp. Fill in your DNS servers and you should be good to go. It will be a static configuration.

I'm sorry but I don't really recognize a lot around routers and such but let me try to provide you a correct response:

Wbelow can I inspect this DNS servers, bereason I can't seem to uncover them in my router/modem which was mounted by my provider so I dont really have the instructions book of it

My IP resolve is indeed that one you listed, however just how precisely can I set that number you said on the ps3? bereason "" seem to have actually one extra collection of digits that the ammount I can collection on the ps3 which would certainly be "" only

Also im not completely certain what the DHCPs is

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try unplugging the rexternal and also plugging it back in. It's taken place before to me before.. Is it a fat ps3?

thanks will attempt that and check out how it goes, and also no i have the slim ps3 (not the new one) the second generation ps3, not really certain what are the designated name for each model understand that I think about it

This could be fairly noticeable, and please don't take it the wrong way, yet have actually you tried checking the netoccupational settings on your PS3? Your PS3 can be caching old network information which can be leading to the connection problems.

Go to SettingsNetwork-related SettingsNet Connection Setups and pick the "Easy" setup. Follow all the prompts and view if that gets you back on-line. Aobtain, this is noticeable, however it never before hurts to attempt the evident... :-)


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