Ps3 not recognizing external hard drive fat32

With PS3 you have the right to do a lot cool stuff besides gaming – you deserve to usage it as a media player. You have the right to play music, movies, view pictures and also so much even more. These things have the right to be done through CD, DVD, thumb drive, and outside difficult drive that’s associated to your PS3. Sadly, you simply can’t take any type of external difficult drive, plug it right into your PS3 consingle, and also mean it to job-related. First, you have to carry out some formatting that’s not hard. I will certainly overview you with the procedures you have to carry out to rise your PS3 storage capacity with an outside difficult drive.

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If your Playterminal 3 doesn’t identify the exterior hard drive

You have actually uncovered an outside hard drive that you can use through your PS3 console. Or maybe you have actually bought a brand-new external HDD especially for connecting it with your PS3 console. But the PS3 device doesn’t acknowledge your drive, it doesn’t display up anywhere? If so, you need to format your drive. Follow the actions below to make your exterior HDD compatible through your console.

Checking file system

If your PS3 system doesn’t recognize your outside hard drive, you need to inspect what file device is on your external HDD – FAT32 or NTFS. To do so, you need to affix your external tough drive to COMPUTER. Next open “Data Explorer” and go to “This PC“. Now you should see all your drives. Note: if you don’t use Windows 10, The “Documents Explorer” will certainly be named as “Windows Explorer” and “This PC” will certainly be named as “My Computer.”Once that’s done – Right-click your HDD and click “Properties“Now, look at “File system“, if it states NTFS, you will need to format your outside hard drive to FAT32.

Note: Make certain you backup all data on your outside HDD before formatting it as whatever will certainly be erased.

Formatting your HDD

Formatting PS3 outside HDD is pretty much the same as Formatting External Hard Drive for PS4. Remember, unfavor through PS4 wright here you can format your drive in FAT32 or exFAT as soon as formatting drive for PS3 you only can pick FAT32.

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Tip 1

Attach the exterior HDD to the computer system by means of a USB port.


Tip 2

Open the Disk Management tab. In Windows 10, you have the right to attain this as displayed in the image. It’s fairly easy to uncover Disk Management on other versions as it’s existing in the Control Panel.

Step 3

Locate the drive that you desire to reformat, right-click it, and click Format.

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Step 4

In the Format Partition area, select the file system FAT32 and examine the Rapid Format option. Then, click Next. A summary of selected settings will certainly be shown. Please remember that all information will be deleted from the drive, so make sure you have made a backup.

Tip 5

Next off press Yes and also that’s all you have to execute to format the outside tough drive for PS3. Now you deserve to attach the formatted drive to your PS3 and also it’s time to play. Cheers!

How to play media papers from your exterior difficult drive on a PS3 console

First, you need to affix your external HDD to your PS3 consingle making use of among 2 USB ports that are located in the front of your PS3 consingle.The following action is to power your PS3.Now, push the “Δ” or triangle switch when “USB Device” is schosen and then pick “Display All.”All you have to perform is what you want to check out or play from the list. Once you’re done, simply press the “X” buttonThat’s it! Now you know exactly how to view media documents from your outside difficult drive!


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