Ps3 wont turn on red light

It"s Sunday morning. You wake up and head downstairs, making yourself the perfect coffee and settling right into your favorite chair. You grab your PS3 controller and also power up, ready for an epic day of gaming, just you"re met via a babsence display screen.

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Your PlayStation will not rotate on, and a flashing red light signals the end of the road for your beloved console, or does it? Find Out just how to address this notoriously annoying PS3 flashing red light error in these basic to follow actions listed below.

First off, the great news: Your PS3 isn"t dead! (yet). As long as you don"t check out the yellow light of fatality, or the YLOD, your Playstation 3 console still has actually a tiny life left in its old bones. The YLOD will not even allow your PS3 to power up, signaling long-term damages to the motherboard due to overheating. Consider the red light blinking a warning sign.

It"s letting you recognize your PS3 is overheating, and therefore cshed to the allude of no return. The old adage of “turning it on and also off again” won"t work-related in this instance. Simply leave it turned off for currently prior to that red light transforms yellow! Some contact this certain problem the PS3 red light of fatality.


PS3 Red Light of Death: Back up Your Saves

Next off, back, earlier, back it up! This must be your initially priority! Backing up your difficult drive conserves all your indevelopment and permits you to rescue every one of your hard occupational. If your PS3 is in truth dead, you desire to make certain at least your hrs of tough occupational is safe.

If your PS3 still turns on and remains on, you have the right to deliver your saves through an exterior hard drive or USB:

Plug the external drive right into your PS3 Head to Settings>System Settings>Backup Utility Choose Back Up Choose Yes as soon as asked Your external hard drive will certainly show up, pick it via “X” The Back Up will certainly begin, taking everywhere from 15 minutes to an hour A message of “Back Up Completed” will appear as soon as done.

Rapid note: You may have to format the exterior drive or USB to work-related through the PS3. Follow these measures if you run into this difficulty.


However, in many type of situations the PS3 just does not continue to be powered on long sufficient via the blinking red light issue. This means you will certainly not be able to transport your saves by means of the back up utility. As such you will certainly should connect the hard drive straight into your computer. You cannot simply attach a hard drive to your computer.

You need a unique adapter to make this take place. Personally I use the Sanoxy Adapter Converter Cable as it allows me to plug in various types of difficult drives and also it is very cheap. Once you have actually taken the PS3"s hard drive out, usage the adapter to connect it to your computer system. Your computer need to recognize that you have plugged somepoint in and it will download the correct drive. Once mounted, you will be able to navigate within the file mechanism of the tough drive through your file explorer.


PS3 Red Light Blinking: Clean Your Console

Often times, the PS3 flashing red light trouble is led to by poor ventilation within your gaming consingle due to buildup of dust within the system. This results in the PS3 ending up being as well warm and overheating. To obtain even more technological, your PS3 is not getting a enough amount of air flow to cool down the graphics chip. Sony has actually a developed in alarm device that notices this and shuts down the console prior to the GPU is damaged.

The vents on the PS3 permit the fan to draw cool air from the exterior, and blow the hot air from the inside. Over the years, your PS3 will certainly accumulate a great amount of dust from this process. Small dust pposts start to clump, producing chunks of dusts within. This outcomes in poor air circulation.

While its primarily a straightforward method to cleaning out the dust, you will automatically violate your warranty by opening up your console to attempt repairs yourself. I repeat, in CAPS LOCK, to acquire my suggest across: IF YOU OPEN YOUR CONSOLE TO CLEAN YOUR PS3 YOUR WARRANY WILL BE VOID. Sorry for yelling, now exactly how to clean:

Disaffix the power from your PS3. Hold the power button down for 15 seconds. This will attract any kind of electrical energy from the PS3 – we do not desire any electrocutions or shorts.


Remove the tough drive – Rerelocate the HDD cover on the left side with a star screwdriver then pull the hard drive directly out, set aside. Uncover the optimal shell by removing the panel – 9 screws will should be taken out via your screwdriver to disclose the innards.


Rerelocate the shell by locating both locking tabs, unclip them.


Detach the disc drive, and any ribbons connected with it. Remove the power supply – a huge silver/black box attached with plugs on both side. Detach the plugs and set it aside. Take out the wireless card – it need to be secured through 4 screws beside the power supply.


Take away the power/recollection circuit board. 2 screws and also a tab connect it at the front of the PlayStation. Remove the motherboard. 7 screws must attach it to the bottom as the last item. Remove it extremely carefully due to exactly how hefty it is and collection aside. Take the fan out on the ago of the motherboard by separating the 3 screws.

To clean, use compressed air, either from a key-board cleaner, or low-powered vacuum. You"ll desire to emphasis on all the vents that lead into the consingle and the warmth sinks on the motherboard. Seeing as these are the most basic entrance points for dust, its imperative that you clean every single vent you fine in order to remove any type of dust.

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Blowing compressed air is often enough, yet if you desire to take it one step even more use a cleaning alcohol on a swab. This will certainly pick up any type of unwanted reside while also sterilizing the mechanism, making it harder for dust to reappear.

Because you"ve gone to the trouble of removing each individual component, go to the trouble of cleaning them! Blow off each part through compressed air, and use a safe alcohol cleaning solution to rub dvery own the parts you"re comfortable with.

I likewise choose to spray CRC Fast Dry Electronic Cleaner on all the ribbon relations while I have actually the consingle open up. This will clean the relations, and also this stuff dries within seconds! Finally, put the consingle earlier together and also start it ago up. Hopecompletely you have regulated to put it all back together right! If this did not deal with the PlayStation 3 flashing red light problem, proceed to the following alternative.


PS3 Flashing Red Light Solution: Change the Thermal Paste

Replacing or fixing the thermal paste is a drastic measure, but one that frequently demands to take location. Reheating the thermal paste to obtain the smoldering circulation ago in activity prefer many kind of Youtube videos display may allow the heat distribution to enhance, however totally replacing the paste is the best choice.


Take the PS3 apart as soon as aacquire. Remove the warmth sinks. Is this thermal paste all dried up? Well this is your problem! The thermal paste should not be dry! Sony used cheap thermal paste and also it has actually run its course. Now as soon as the chips get hot, they cannot appropriately disperse the warmth into the warmth sink.

PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair PDF:


Gently clean off the GPU and CPU via a cotton swab and also rubbing alcohol. Be careful not scrape the chips. You have to have a clean surchallenge.

Purchase a high top quality thermal paste comprised largely of silver, copper, and also gold. These are the a lot of conductive steels. Many pastes will come in an easy to usage syringe.

I personally usage Arctic Silver as I think it is the ideal thermal paste for PS3. The cheaper the thermal paste, the much less most likely it will certainly organize up for a long duration of time. Squeeze a dime dimension amount of the thermal paste onto the GPU and also CPU. You execute not need to spread it anywhere the chips. When you location the warm sink over them, it will disperse the thermal paste evenly. Make certain you perform not put also a lot thermal paste or else it will ooze out from the sides. You desire perfect call between the chips and also the warmth sink so the warmth is transferred effectively.


PS3 Red Light Blinking: Troubleshoot your hardware

If you have done all the things over and also your PS3 is still shutting down and also mirroring you the flashing red light, you can have some hardware failure.

Hard Drive: If you were able to move your documents from the hard drive and onto the computer, chances are that your HD is fine. However if you wish to dominance it out, reformat it and downpack the latest PlayStation operating device onto it. You have the right to find this here. Do not put your saves onto it just yet, this will present you if you might have actually corrupt information that is leading to an issue.

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Fan Issues: Do you hear your fan running? It is okay to be able to hear it, however your PS3 must not sound favor an engine. Consider replacing the fan if this is the instance. To see if it is functioning at all, hold your hand close to the vents to feel if any kind of air is being blown out. Disc Drive: A excellent means to troubleshoot a faulty disc drive is to play a game that calls for no disc at all. Downpack a free game from the PlayStation store and also leave it running for a while. If the PS3 did not shut down, then you could simply have actually a faulty disc drive.

Remember, the PS3 flashing red light means you"re console is overheating. Immediately sheight trying to power it up, as this will certainly reason even even more damages. Try the steps over to first clean, then rearea thermal paste if that doesn"t occupational BEFORE troubleshooting the hardware. As long as you deserve to acquire your PlayStation clean and the air circulation functioning aobtain, opportunities are you"ll sheight the overheating and also get back to gaming!