Ps4 ce-35888-2

Error code CE-35888-2 is a fairly prevalent fault code on PS4 game consoles. Many type of times it occurs after the optical drive is reinserted or repaired. A lot of world think that they deserve to simply replace their blu ray drive via an additional provided one from Ebay or elsewhere. Unfortunately this is not the case. 
Unfortunately tright here is no straightforward deal with for this code UNLESS you have the original daughter board that came via your original optical drive (the one that came via your PS4 as soon as it was first purchased from a retailer). This is because the daughter board on the optical drive is "married" to the motherboard. The means that tright here is a chip on the motherboard that talks to a chip on the daughter board. If they are mismatched they will certainly not have the ability to talk to each various other and that will render the blu ray drive unusable. The PS4 will still play downloaded games but it will not play anything that is loaded right into the optical drive. 
There is at leastern one renowned Youtube video that "explains" this error code and also states that the daughter board demands to have actually corresponding numbers to the original board. This is not the case. The numbers on the bottom of the boards just give you a clue regarding whether they will certainly interchange via the ribbon cable to the laser in the optical drive. Boards that have actually an 010 will have a different sized ribbon cable than boards that have a 020 on them. If your original blu ray drive has number 010 and also you rearea the board with an additional one that has the very same number it will not work bereason the replacement board is not married to the motherboard.

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This is the part wbelow I acquire to tell you the great news. You CAN rearea your optical drive! The trick is that you must discover an optical drive that originally had actually a daughter board via the same number (010 or 020) as the one you have actually. After you obtain it all you have to perform is rerelocate the board that came through the replacement drive and install the one that came off of the bad optical drive that you are replacing onto the replacement blu ray drive. This method the original board that is married to the motherboard will remain through the motherboard.




November 15, 2018

Station is new never opened up display screens code still, so any ideas and sufficient for the system currently not trying to need to put out any kind of even more money please help




December 15, 2017

I just passist £129.99 on my ps4 they replaced the harddrive and also the optical drive. Got it earlier this particular day and also it downloads ww11 game yet once i attempt play it wont read the disc.. i require help

Brian Edlund

November 04, 2017

I still think there is a possible fix out tright here or no-one has figured it out yet. I gained a PS4 from a friend that had actually the wrong Daughter board and also he sent me the original and I tried it to acquire the exact same error CE-35888-2 yet he told me that it was a software application problem and then he described that it is fixable however I am still waiting to hear earlier from him since he ended up in the Hospital via a negative disease and also he stated that he would acquire back to me after he is out of the hospital. Lets hope and also pray he gets well shortly so I can discover out exactly how he addressed this issue since he pointed out that his brvarious other knows how to repair this software issue.

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Carsten Mariboe

March 30, 2017


I bought a new drive and installed the original board. It plays dvd and also blue rays fine, however trying to play games after installation, I still obtain the error ce-35888-2

Hope you have the right to help??Best regardCarsten

Sean Yannetta

February 17, 2017

Hi I have reput the drive and also put my original pcb on it and also it still won’t take in my disc. So I put a new pcb on the drive and my disc went in fine yet won’t play as they are not matched up. What component demands to be taken off my old pcb and also put onto the new pcb? Thanks

Alexx Unfortunately, there is nothing you can perform. When this happens when it hasn’t been tampered with it’s normally bereason tbelow is some type of trouble in the software program.

Castro I don’t know. I don’t think they care…as long as the warranty sticker labels are still tbelow.

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December 27, 2016

Hey so i gain this message even though the ps4 has actually never been tampered with…what execute i do?


December 26, 2016

What does PlayStation perform if you send in your gadget and also they watch that your Hard drive has been replaced? Do they just send it back or market to relocation it via a new motherboard and also disk drive?

Nav Unfortunately, in your situation tbelow doesn’t seem to be any type of great means to fix it. It seems to be some kind of firmware worry with no means to settle. Sorry to carry you the negative news.


November 18, 2016

Hi tright here I have actually swaped the daughter boards however still no luck my origenal drive doesnt even taking discs its entirely dead.bought one more full drive the same as soon as i use new drive via old daughter board it does take discs yet gives CE-35888-2 ErrorAny advice Regards

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