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Can you Use Regular Headphones on PS4?

While Sony’s PlayStation 3 was surpassed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 from 2005 to 2013, the tide shifted in Sony’s favor late 2013. Sony’s sales reached 14.59 million units in the coming before year, leaving Xbox and many type of others far behind in the console race. The PS4 box contained the consingle itself, one controller, and also a devoted one-ear PS4 headphone.

When released, one significant feature of PS4’s DualShock controller was a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom that allowed individuals to listen to in-game chat and also other player-oriented indevelopment in single-player mode.

One example of this is in the “Kill-streak announcement” in Call of Duty, be it throughout player vs. bots or a PvP match. In Middle-Planet, Shadow of Mordor (2014) and Shadow of War (2017), the DualShock controller emitted the ‘slash’ sounds once entering a combo. The greater your combo, the louder the sound was.

While some uncovered this troublesome, it was a cool attribute nonetheless for many. Soon, customers wanted to use continual headphones on the PS4, ranging from hearing just the controller sounds all the means to finish audio.

This offered means to the question have the right to you usage continuous headphones on PS4?

The basic answer to that question is yes. Whether you want to listen to just the conversational or the complete audio, Sony enables you to do so.

How to Use Regular Headphones on PS4?

Most late night gamers complained of the controller sounds, deactivating which is straightforward. Sindicate long-push the PS4 button, go to Sound/Devices> Volume Control > pick the controller choice and also turn it to zero.

But what if you desire to use regular headphones on PS4 to listen to the finish game audio?

Selecting Compatible Headphones

The Cellular Teleinteractions Industry Association (CTIA) has standardized that all smartphone, PS4, Xbox, and other accessories must have actually the default layout of headphone jack. The contacts must be arranged in the complying with manner;

Audio (Left) > Audio (Right) > Ground > Microphone (guideline to sleeve)

Only headphones via this layout have the right to work-related through a PS4 appropriately. This is part of the factor why Apple EarPods’ microphones don’t occupational on PS4.

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Following are some of the a lot of recommfinished third-party headphones you deserve to use with the PS4 for an excellent suffer.

This list isn’t comprehensive and also have the right to include many type of others that can provide you an excellent PlayStation suffer. Just make sure once buying a brand-new headphone for your PS4 that it follows the CTIA conventional, not OMTP.

Plugging in Regular Headphones

Once you’ve selected the headphones you want to usage with your PlayStation, it’s time to set them up.


Regardless of the popularity of wireless headphones, the majority of gamers still like wired headsets for their PS4. People insurance claim that this is because they don’t need to worry around having to charge their sets, while others claim that tbelow is simply something reassuring about a wired headcollection that wiremuch less simply cannot administer. This, of course, is all approximately the user. Neither is better or worse than the various other.

To plug in constant headphones into your PS4, simply;

Long-push the PlayStation button on the DualShock controllerGo to You deserve to likewise push the D-Pad up button and navigate to Settings on the much right cornerScroll dvery own and pick DevicesSelect Audio DevicesHere, you’ll check out a variety of choices, each relevant to your reason. If you haven’t plugged in your headphones yet, attach them. You have the right to either choose to plug them into your monitor/TV or to your controllerMake sure the Switch Output Device Automatically box is checked. Otherwise you’ll need to adjust the output source manually each time you plug in or out your headphones.First, select the Output DeviceThe following display will list out the detected output gadgets. Select Headcollection Connected to Controller if you’ve connected the headphones to your controller. It will be TV or AV Amplifier by default.Next, you’re going to need to divert all audio output to your headphones, otherwise you’ll only hear the chat audio. In the Audio Devices web page, you’ll watch the Output to HeadphonesSelect All Audio. Chat Audio will be schosen by default.Next off, pick the Input Devices Sindicate choose your headphone mic and you’re done!

Remember to test your microphone by picking the Adjust Microphone Level.


Much prefer the Nintenexecute Switch, PS4 just has a Bluetooth port for its controllers. In order to affix your favorite wireless headphones to PS4, you have to invest in a Bluetooth dongle. Once the dongle is in area, it’s as simple as connecting your headphones to the dongle and repeating the above-detailed procedure.

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Consoles have actually presented an affordable alternate to expensive and also powerful Computers, letting world through restricted budobtain play high-finish games, sacrificing either just the graphics high quality or the framerate. The Witcher 3, for instance, sacrificed only frameprices to be playable on the PS4 and also Xbox One.

With the alternative of using consistent headphones on PS4, Sony has enabled players to manage the sound quality they acquire. To use them, sindicate follow the above steps and gain games via your favorite headphones!

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