Ps4 controller only works when plugged in

The controller I acquired with my PS4 works perfectly fine as long as it is plugged in through the cable, yet it"s been over a couple of hrs, and also the battery icon still reflects that it"s charging. As shortly as I rerelocate the wire, it goes dead and switches off and also pushing the PS button has actually no effect. I can plug it back in through the wire, and also it starts working aacquire, yet I don"t have any kind of idea what might be wrong. Have I paired it wrong? Or does it take hours and hrs to charge the first time you plug it in? Any advise would certainly be really helpful below.

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The charging cable immediately pairs whatever before controller you plug right into the device. That"s not your difficulty.

Defects are bound to take place in the millions and MILLIONS of devices that are developed. The only thing it sound choose you"re enduring from is a faulty battery in the controller or the link to it. You can open it up and inspect it out yourself, or carry it to your neighborhood gaming repairs shop. Or your a lot of thostormy bet: buy another controller.

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I know---they"re not cheap, however what the hell---I always buy a 2nd controller for these consoles so that one is always gonna have a full charge.


LordTrexGuy: Try reestablishing the controller the same way you execute through the DualShock 3: rotate off the PS4 first. Then take a pin and push it right into the hole close to the L2 switch (you"ll find it near the screw). Hold it in for few a secs. Now let go and also plug a USB cable right into the controller and also into the PS4 and also power the PS up. See whether that solves the trouble. I"d try it a couple times. I had to reset my Sony Gold Headset last weekend and it took 4 tries before it worked. Good luck!


I bought a brand-new ps4 controller yesterday but once I checked out use it, it wouldn"t turn on. I tried plugging it in and also letting it charge yet even now it will not turn on. Did I buy a broken controller or is tbelow somepoint I need to do before hand?


Many most likely the interior battery has actually died, not ran out of juice however literally it"s dead. The exact same point occurred to my DS3. It only functions once it"s plugged however as soon as I unplug it, but it does not host a charge in the controller itself. I wish I could swap out the battery.

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Many likely the internal battery has actually died, not ran out of juice however literally it"s dead. The exact same thing occurred to my DS3. It just functions when it"s plugged however when I unplug it, yet it does not organize a charge in the controller itself. I wish I can swap out the battery.

My DS3 works just fine unplugged, should be a b!*ch driving around via a cord dragging behind you all the time? :)


It is the battery, yet it is really a simple fix. I had actually bought a controller a few months back, same as you and every one of a sudden it would certainly not revolve on unmuch less it was plugged right into something. At first I assumed it was the sync issue too, generally resolved by plugging it into the ps4 via the USB cable but this time it wouldnt job-related so I took out the 4 screws in the earlier of the controller and removed the cover and battery. After studying the board and also connections I witnessed nothing visibly wrong so I had actually some 3.7v 1200 mah batteries for a small Drone I bought and also took a ps3 controller battery, cut off the connector and also soldered it onto the Drone battery as it is the same as the ps4 controller. Plugged the battery into the ps4 controller and also turned it on. It lit up however didn"t sync, so plugged it right into the ps4, turned it on again, rerelocated the USB cable and also success, it continued to be on, and also works perfect again. Glad I had those batteries around. I could"ve supplied the old ps4 battery connector however in case that wasn"t the worry I didn"t want to damage it. PlayStation seems to have an issue through these batteries they usage, had actually the same trouble through the ps3s yet never before tried this fix on them. To be clear, I used the connector of the ps3 battery and soldered it onto the batteries I had actually for the Drone. Ps4 original batteries are only 1000mah so I should actually gain also even more play time from the higher mah rating