Ps4 controller too many usb devices connected

Hi.i have as well many type of usb gadgets associated trouble via my ps4 slim.the difficulty is as soon as you making use of consingle it suddenly hang and show this notification and also rotate off.i have an additional trouble.i cant attach my controller with bluetooth.i should connect it via usb cable and also as soon as its connected i can usage it with bluetooth.its a hardware trouble bereason i have tried so many things

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I cant connect controller via bluetooth first.i affix them through usb cable and also then i rerelocate it.just how deserve to i inspect the hardware and which component is for controllers connections?


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I acquired the very same problem. Below are my two solutions, one is quick and the various other is my specific action. Good luck!

You must attempt this quick solution initially.

Make sure your PS4 is updatedMake sure the controller is connectedUnplug the controller usbDisattach the controller in the establishing ( I believe I did in the Bluetooth)Use one more keyboard then plug it in, it must detect a key-board then click on the user to connect to keyboard to the user. Unplug the key-board yet look into the usb hole and make certain you plug the various other key-board in the same, it should detect the key-board you had trouble with.Use the keyboard to navigate to bluetooth tool then press the PS4 logo ( aka PS) switch on the controller to attach your controller wirelessly back.If it doesn"t work follow my exact long way below

My long way

Boot the PS4 into Safe ModeConnect your controller through usb ( it does not detect your usb then make sure to unplug your controller then plug ago in and host the wire end connect to the controller for few secs to make sure it connected.Pick the Reconstruct Data Base option, then follow the actions untill you right into the long waiting, then unplug your controller usbplug in your mouse and also keyboard and keep waiting until the lengthy procession finishedunplug your left usb then plug the controller usb in, authorize into your user then make certain the computer mouse usb plug to the appropriate usb, unplug and plug ago till the mouse acquire detected.Unplug the controller usb then connect the keyboard usb, still didn’t connected for me so I went into either Device then Bluetooth or Controller area to disassociated the controller.I unplugged the undetected key-board usb . Then plugged my various other cheap keyboard usb in. It detected! Then I unplugged the cheap key-board and looked right into the finish of the usb to make sure it’s the very same position for the other keyboard usb. Then plugged the expensive keyboard I desire to usage, it detected again.I went earlier into the Device-Bluetooth then press the PS4 logo ( aka PS) button on the controller to reaffix the controller wirelesslyDone!