Ps4 disc drive keeps making noise

PlayStation 4 is Sony"s fourth home video game consingle, released on November 15, 2013 in North America, and also November 29, 2013 in Europe. On November 10 2016, Sony released the Playstation 4 Pro, an updated version of the console targeting 4K gaming.

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Installing Need for Speed Rivals and also Killzone Shadow Fall off disc, I can"t help yet uncover my PS4"s disc drive disturbingly noisy. It"s humming. The box is vibrating a little. After playing the digital version of BF4 all day yesterday in nigh absolute quiet, it"s feels pretty wierd to me. It has me a tiny worried too. Might I have actually a bad drive in my PS4? Note: After installing, it"s as quiet as a churchmouse aobtain.

Is everybody"s BluRay drive noisy/humming throughout installs? Is it as noisy watching BluRay movies?


seppli: It taken place to me also, here"s my post:

After cleaning the (spotless and also fresh out of package, mind you) disc, it stopped doing that noise. Check the video and also view if that"s the noise you hear. Also note that mine just did that during disc boot up, it would certainly go quiet thereafter. Good luck.

seppli: It occurred to me too, here"s my post:

After cleaning the (spotmuch less and fresh out of package, mind you) disc, it stopped doing that noise. Check the video and also see if that"s the noise you hear. Also note that mine only did that throughout disc boot up, it would certainly go quiet thereafter. Good luck.

I can not quitee make it out in your video, but yes, kinda comparable. A completely too loud feeling humm in the time of installs. I normally have headphones on, so I don"t really alert any noises it makes otherwise (nor the gamepad speaker).


Yeah, I think that is the PS4"s method of telling you the disc is dirty. Because mine did that too until I cleaned the disc.

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Yes, they all make that noise as soon as doing the caching. Then it stops after around 5-10 minutes, and also does not spin aobtain till the next time you start the game. But it is not really that loud. Unmuch less you are sitting appropriate beside it.

Mine sounds favor among those rings kids gain that they blow right into. But only for the first few minutes. Then it"s quiet.

seppli: When it"s loading menus and stuff it"s a teeny bit noisy. But when you"re just watching a video, it"s around as quiet as a PS3.

It taken place to me as soon as while playing Killzone SF. It freaked me out, yet went amethod after about a minute or so. Hasn"t taken place since.

Well I notice this yesterday, after installing Watch Dogs. The PS4 was downloading update patches for the game and also I noticed the humming.

I picked up the consingle and the noise stop which makes me think the the difficulty may be the vibration the console does when spinning the disc, the vibration on the platdevelop the console is make the humming noise.

The sound is quite noticeable and also loud but it stop minutes after, mind you I was not in the game, I was on the downloading display.

Today I"m going to test the cleaning solution and view if it works.

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Mine hums for a little bit once I"m installing a game from disc or I swap game discs. It doesn"t last lengthy. I"ve never before tried to clean the discs, largely because they"re all brand brand-new so I didn"t suspect them to be dirty. I"ve believed about obtaining a very thin layer of foam to stick under the PS4 so it"s not resting on peak of lumber. It can assist reduce the noise yet really it doesn"t last long sufficient for it to be a trouble.

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