Ps4 disc spinning and stopping

I have trouble through my ps4. When I insert a disc on the drive unit, it starts spinning but after a couple of secs it stops. Then it starts spinning aobtain and stops. This continiu aget and again. After a couple of minutes, DISC IS NOT RECOGNIZED. This happends through FIFA 14 and also spiderguy blueray movie.

I have actually clear the data base, unplugged the PS4 and I am out of ideas. Any help?

Here is a attach of how it sounds:

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I"m having the specific same difficulties I tryed a DVD it worked then a pair of try"s later a PS4 game functioned check it reads DVD if so it thinks the bluray ain"t an original and also can"t assistance it..I"m going to attempt unplugging for 24 hours then il upday aobtain...

I tried the approach I witnessed on you tube yet quickly realized that I had a 1200 series unlike the one in the video mine had actually 2 screws and a different disc drive totally. Is there a method to resolve the 1215A model?

I"m trying to play GTA 5 its installing just 30% then states unable to review disc . I went a month through out playing my game however it still doesn"t occupational appropriate now it"s on 14% in the future it"s going to say disc not recognize happens with all my other games GTA , call of duty black ops3 , and also uncharted 4



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It easy really. The Laser of the Blu-ray has actually actually two lenses/lasers/LED"s. Both have to be cleaned by an eraser and also then by a Q-reminder via 91% alcohol. The initially thing is to open the PS4 up and blow it out via air from a Air Compressor to mitigate the dust, warmth , static electrical power that dances almost everywhere the area bereason of the dust! Not only does the dust add to the items I simply wrote above; yet it also causes tiny electric arcs if tright here is to much dust on the circuit board too! Remember to first blast the inside through air from a Air Compressor then clean the lenses with an eraser gently, then usage alcohol on a Q-tip on both the lenses and also metal contacts and also blow it all out "again via air" from a Air Compressor! The air from the compressor must dry the 90% or 91% alcohol so that tright here will be no shorts. That need to be it! If it doesn"t work you deserve to try to adjust the servo that regulates voltage to the lasers instead; however that might fry the lasers out reducing the PS4 to junk! Good Luck!

Tapping works, finish off! David =Legend!

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Tap on the top? U men must realise that tapping doesnt constantly job-related not for me and also not for everyome. It offered to work-related for me yet it currently it sounds favor its reading the disc, then it goes earlier to the very same noise and also exact same problems. The only discs my ps4 will certainly check out is games and blu-ray disc. But any other normal DVD i have at home doesnt work-related. Which is funny considering it might play any movie i had actually a pair of months earlier and i blame sony, because as quickly as i updated the mechanism is as soon as this stuff starting happening . And prior to you ask ive already done all that safe mode updates and also stuff however NOTHING works. Ive taken the ps4 apart in situation there was a sticker, but no sticker. Im at the allude wright here im considering transforming to COMPUTER. At least i deserve to watch a %#*