Ps4 error code nw-31449-1

“Error NW-31449-1” on the PlayStation 4 game consingle means that there is not sufficient space in the device to load the game. In this instance, faitempt occurs even in those systems in which there are astronomical amounts of obtainable area. The reasons for the error go beyond the banal lack of memory. Read more about them and just how to resolve difficulties.

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Caoffers of Error “NW-31449-1”

Tright here are at least 3 primary reasons:

An exterior tough drive is not properly linked. This have the right to also be attributed to the absence of complimentary area on it.Random PlayStation 4 mechanism crash . In this situation, the errors created do not reflect the significance of the difficulty. The amount of disk space does not impact the appearance of the error NW-31449-1.Little cost-free area. First, the disk have to have the minimum of room that is mentioned in the system needs for the game. Secondly, it is necessary to take right into account that, in enhancement to the space for the set up game, there must additionally be a area for the loaded distribution. Hence, if the weight of the game is 60 GB, you need to have at leastern 120 GB of free memory before beginning to pack it.

Ways to Fix NW-31449-1 Error

Work fixes have actually already been discovered for this failure, every one of which are defined below.

Check easily accessible space


Determine the amount of totally free memory is not hard, just go to the “Settings” and also pick the “Memory” section. If an exterior hard drive is connected, its qualities and the amount of cost-free memory are explained in the interior tab “External Storage”.

Important! If an external HDD is connected through USB, but is not presented as storage in the “Memory” tab, the wrong file system is currently mounted on it. You have to format the disk, this procedure is compelled as soon as you initially affix to the consingle.

How to format a disk:

Select “Settings”.Go to the “Devices” section, and also then the “USB Drives”.Activate the feature “Format as external storage”.

After formatting is complete, the installation of all games by default will certainly begin to run on an exterior HDD. This have to currently be sufficient to resolve the error “NW-31449-1”.

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If there is no exterior disk or it is full of applications, you need to free up memory:

Go to the “System Memory” (“External Storage”).Select a game and click the “Options” button.Activate the alternative “Delete”.

Rebegin PlayStation 4

A simple reboot helps to eliminate random device failures, some of which deserve to reason an error. It is specifically advantageous to make a rebegin in cases where the console has actually not been turned off for a lengthy time. After rebeginning, short-lived documents are cleared from RAM.


Important! First of all, you have to examine that the user is authorized in the mechanism under his very own account PSN. For unclear reasons, unauthorized customers get this error, unregarded the resource of the faiattract.

How to restart PS4:

Press the “Power” switch and select “Turn off the PS4 system” among all the choices.Unplug the power cord from the PS4. This must be done as soon as the consingle is currently turned off, as evidenced by not only the disabled screen, however also the power indicator.Wait about 4-5 minutes for all residual currental fees to go amethod and finish temporary information clearing.Connect the cable and downfill the consingle.

Database recovery via safe mode

To eliminate database failures, you should:

Completely disable the consingle from the button (all signs have to go out).Hold and organize the power button for 7-10 seconds. A signal to start the console will be a dual beep.Connect the controller using a USB cable and also press the PlayStation crucial.Activate Rebuild Database option – is responsible for restructure the database. It might take most time.Upon completion of the database you should rebegin the console.Try to downfill and also install the game.

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These are all recognized methods to correct the error “NW-31449-1” on the PlayStation 4 . We hope that some of them aided solve your difficulty.