Ps4 media player there is no playable media

I"m trying to put videos (mkv"s) onto the HD to watch through the PS4, however once I did an exFat format on my Mac, the PS4"s media player couldn"t see any of the files.

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Instead tright here were a bunch of folders ("ANDROID" "Lost.ini" for example) that do not expect anypoint to me.

I then formatted the drive on the PS4 as exterior storage. But now when I hook it approximately my Mac to load video papers, the Mac can not check out it (it asks if I desire to initialize).

Could among you suggest me in the best direction here? Is the PS4 intended to be a media player at all?





Mon 30th Mar 2020

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Mon 30th Mar 2020
fmiller4 exFAT should be OK, as is FAT32. You have to have actually the content in a folder called "MOVIES" (case sensitive) though, or the PS4 won"t check out check out it (same for audio needing to be in a "MUSIC" folder.

External storage formatting is only for extfinishing the accessible hdd volume for the PS4 OS to usage for games and also saves etc, so that won"t work.

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JohnnyShoulder"s link for sustained styles is beneficial - the PS4 does not manage as many type of formats as the PS3 did.

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Tue 31st Mar 2020

Thanks!But... once formatted as exFat, is tright here a way to add documents by means of a mac?

(once I attached an exFAT formatted HD I can not write to it...)


Thu 2nd Apr 2020

I am likewise having actually obstacles. i want to carry out two points. One deliver media from my Mac to my exterior difficult drive so I have the right to view movies on my ps4. i additionally want to save game information on to my ps4. Is tright here a method to perform this?i did have the drive formatted and was watching movies fine yet saving games on to the drive appeared difficult. So reformatted the drive on the pS4 and currently my mac wont recognise it. I have actually erased the drive utilizing disk utilities however really desire to find a solution to perform both. Any tips?