Ps4 powers on then off

Is your PS4 turning off by itself immediately or at some suggest before the operating mechanism loads? If so, you can be encountering anypoint from an electrical short to a major hardware trouble.

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Because there are several reasons that your PS4 could be turning off by itself during the boot procedure, it’s crucial that you action through each area listed below to assist discover a solution to your difficulty.

Important Note

If the PS4 has actually no power or doesn’t turn on, see: PS4 Won’t Turn On Issue Fixed. On the various other hand also, if the PS4 remains on for numerous minutes before it transforms off, see: PS4 Turns off Randomly Without Warning

Totally Unplug the PS4 from Power

When you revolve off the PS4, it is actually powered off, but tbelow are small circuits in tright here which are energetic which are provided to sense once you desire the device turned on, and they turn it on. When unplugging the PS4 from the power outlet, this insures that these little circuits are totally powered off, and goes to the additional trouble of discharging every one of the capacitors in the power supply to make certain that they aren’t powering the circuits inside your PS4 as well.

Capacitors keep power, sort of choose a battery. They are supplied in PS4 to smooth out variations in the power supply and save things secure. Even once you revolve somepoint off, the capacitors inside it are still charged, and might have actually sufficient energy in them to power the really low power circuits inside for fairly some time.

In rare situations this may cause a serious problem to the use of the PS4 mechanism when turning it on. All what you have to carry out below then is to entirely unplug the PS4 from power and also wait 3-5 minutes before turning it on aobtain. It’s preferable to use another power socket if you want to try this approach.

PS4 Power Cord Issues

A bad/damaged PS4 power cord have the right to reason lots of difficulties to the device, consisting of that the PS4 transforms on then off after a short time. So, make certain that the PS4 power cord is healthy and working properly before checking any type of other components of your console.

Surge protector issues

Surge protectors and also battery back-up devices deserve to go negative over time, leading to reduced power flow to the PS4 consingle. As game consoles need a specific amount of power to run, as well great a reduction can force the PS4 to revolve off.

If this instance uses to your PS4, unplug its power cord from the surge protector or battery back-up unit, and also plug it straight right into a wall surface outlet. Turn on the PS4 to see if the problem persists. If the PS4 stays powered on, the surge protector or battery back-up unit is negative and requirements to be replaced.

Power supply issues

Just because your PS4 came on for a couple of moments doesn’t expect that the power supply unit in your PS4 is working effectively. Verify the PS4 power supply is practical. A faulty PS4 power supply can bring about not sufficient, if any type of, power getting to the motherboard, bring about the PS4 to turn off immediately or not rotate on at all. In reality, the PS4 power supply has a tendency to reason even more troubles than any kind of various other piece of hardware.

In the occasion of a bad power supply, the just remedy is to replace it through a brand-new one. Fixing a power supply is not an economical solution, if feasible at all.

Keep in mind that if you do finish up replacing the PS4 PSU, save the PS4 plugged in for at leastern five minutes before you attempt powering it on. This pausage offers time for the CMOS battery to charge a tiny.

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Defective PS4 Hard Drive


A defective PS4 hard drive is responsible for many type of errors within the device. You may suspect it particularly when your console is a few years old and also you deem yourself an enthusiast or power user. It then indicates that the PS4 internal tough drive needs maintenance or simply replacement.

You deserve to attempt to resolve a defective PS4 tough drive by full-formatting it. To learn more on this topic, please read:

Electrical Shorts

Check for reasons of electrical shorts inside your PS4. This is extremely often the cause of the problem once the PS4 powers on for a 2nd or 2 however then powers off entirely.

Inspect the inside of your PS4 for troubles that reason shorting. If you don’t take the time to troubleshoot this possibility thoaround you may finish up lacking an easy electrical short and instead performing costly hardware replacements later on for no excellent reason.

PS4 Power Button

Test the power switch of your PS4. If the power switch is shorting out or also just sticking to the case, it might be the factor your PS4 is turning off by itself.

Rearea the power button if it stops working your experimentation or if you suspect it’s not working effectively.


In most cases, and through how game consoles are designed this particular day, the whole device transforms off as soon as a CPU reaches a details temperature to save it from going up in smokes. This assures that your game consingle is maintained from feasible and additionally damages.

Regardmuch less, regular high-temperature readings when making use of your PS4 console for long periods of time can threat and also damage the PS4 CPU. This likewise risks damaging the motherboard down the line. This is a factor why you need to make certain your PS4 CPU temperatures are maintained at low levels.

For even more details on this topic, please read: PS4 is overheating & acquiring too hot.

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Finally, if all else falls short, you’ll likely need to seek professional assist from a computer system repair service or from your computer system manufacturer’s technical assistance.