Ps4 slim disc drive not working

Your PlayStation 4 Slim can"t read games anymore, the lens does not occupational bereason its engine is defective? In brief, you believe that the PS4 Slim optical drive hregarding be reput and also you don"t know just how to carry out it? You deserve to trust"s specialists and this repair guide which comes via photos and comments to show you how to proceed. Hence you"ll replace the defective optical drive yourself at a price up to 3 times cheaper than going to a expert.

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Defective optical driveDead lens driving engineDiscs can"t be readVideo Game loading takes a lot of time


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Before replacing the optical drive of your Playterminal 4 Slim, you have to turn it off and also disconnect all its cables for safety and security factors (particularly the power supply cable and the HDMI).

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Use the iSesamo to gently peel off the guarantee label stuck close to the input/output connector of the consingle, on the back.

Slide the iSesamo in the room on the left side and then on the appropriate side. Pry up to unclip the reduced instance.

After that, usage the crucicreate screwdriver to remove the screw circled in red securing the secondary WiFi/Bluetooth antenna.

Keep using the crucidevelop screwdriver to rerelocate the screw circled in red located in front on the other side of the consingle.

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Remove the screw circled in red securing the edge of the metallic block with the crucidevelop screwdriver.

After that, understand the blue component of the optical reader electric engine cable to disaffix the lens engine cable.

Use the crucidevelop screwdriver to remove the 28 screws circled in red securing the main metal block:- Picture 1: 21 screws- Photograph 2: 5 screws- Photo 3: 2 screws

Use the cruciform screwdriver to rerelocate the 2 screws circled in red securing the heat sink bracket.

- Tbelow is 1 screw on the reduced left of the heat sink block

- Tbelow are 3 screws on the optimal of the heat sink block near the fan.

Then rerelocate the screw circled in red securing the main WiFi/Bluetooth antenna with the crucidevelop screwdriver.

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Grasp the driving engine cable of the disk and peel it off from the lower bracket, yet do not remove it completely.

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