Ps4 turns on by itself

An enhancing number of PlayStation 4 users have actually complained about an concern wbelow the PS4 system turns off automatically after it’s turned on – a.k.a Blue Light of death. With this problem, the consingle light bweb links red or blue – a signal that your console will shortly be shutting dvery own suddenly. Some various other users have experienced also the abrupt shutting down of the tool during gameplay.

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Tbelow are a couple of reasons liable for this worry. Firstly, it can be from your power link or ports. A faulty hard drive deserve to likewise be the reason for the sudden shutdvery own of your console. Software difficulties aren’t new – this provides it very most likely for an insect or concerns within the system software to reason the PlayStation 4 to turn off by itself. Another major reason might be a fault from the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), which is composed of the CPU and also the GPU. The APU problem greatly occurs bereason some units have actually been poorly soldered. The APU cannot be repaired or replaced. This is bereason APU units are made uniquely for each PS4 console and also cannot be easily discovered on the industry.


This overview will display you miscellaneous ways you can troubleshoot your PlayStation 4 to fix the sudden shutdown worry. These fixes basically include checking the power supply, hard disk and using the safe mode as argued by Sony.

Checking the Power Connection

Turn off the PS4 entirely by pressing the power button for at leastern 7 seconds – it will beep twice to suggest it’s been totally turned off.Disconnect the power cable of the consingle from your electrical outlet.Check the power words and also all the various other cords associated to see if tbelow is anything unusual going on. If you have any type of spares, you can rearea your cables to verify if the trouble is indeed from the power connection. You can look into the various ports to see if there’s anypoint clogged in tright here.

Checking the Hard Drive

This procedure is composed of taking apart the device, so you’ll desire to be added careful via this action.

Turn off the PS4 completely by pushing the power button for at least 7 secs – 2 beeps suggest it’s been entirely turned off.Disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet and the cable. Rerelocate any other cable linked to the console.Slide the Hard Disk Drive bay cover (the shiny part) out and also away from the system to remove it.

Updating the System in Safe Mode

Probably a poor upday could be the cause of your difficulty. Installing a zero-day or day-one upday have the right to fix your trouble.

Get a USB stick through at least 400 MB cost-free room. The USB need to be wiped and then develop a folder referred to as PS4 inside which you’ll develop another folder called UPDATE.Turn off the consingle finish, and also then connect the USB stick to the PS4 via one of the forward-encountering USB ports.Hold the power switch for at least 7 seconds, at this point the mechanism will certainly boot right into Safe Mode.In Safe Setting, choose the third choice which is “Upday System Software” and also you’ll have the ability to follow the directions through ease from tright here.

Preventing the APU Problem

It’s extremely likely the reason of the Blue Light of Death is not caused by any of the fixes described over. As I said earlier, the Accelerated Processing Unit of some PS4 consoles has actually not been correctly soldered to the motherboard. This cannot be fixed and the only point that have the right to be done is to acquire a replacement unit from Sony. However, the only sensible reason the APU would certainly come off the motherboard is when there’s as well a lot heat. Here are a couple of tips to proccasion the APU from coming off the motherboard.

Make certain your consingle is well ventilated. Rerelocate any type of objects blocking the air vents of the PS4.Provide extra cooling through a standing fan or an air conditioner at all times.Avoid extended usage of the consingle. Placed it to sleep after hrs of extreme use.

Checking Power Issues

Anvarious other possible reason why your PS4 can be turning off is bereason of poor power or worries through the power monitoring. We came throughout many instances wright here because of many various other appliances linked to the exact same power outlet as the PS4, the PS4 was not getting its power requirements completed.

Try connecting the PS4 to a sole outlet where no other appliance is associated and also then launch it. If this fixes the trouble, consider isolating the power of PS4 with other appliances.

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PS4 Power System

Tright here might likewise be a situation wbelow the power itself isn’t consistent in your home. Occasional power surges can disrupt the power cycle of the PS4 and cause it to cshed. Here in this case, attempt connecting the console in an additional residence and view if the worry occurs tright here. If it doesn’t, take into consideration obtaining your power checked.

Note: Another case wright here your PS4 can revolve off is as soon as an additional appliance or light switch gets turned on. This can reason a short-term influx which causes the PS4 to shut down.

Checking Multiple Connectors

Multi-connectors are getting progressively widespread nowadays. These permit the user to attach the PS4 together with various other modules which also call for an HDMI port. If there is any activity from the other module when the PS4 is still running, it can cause it to turn off.

Here in this solution, attempt plugging the PS4 straight rather of making use of connectors and also watch if the concern is refixed. Also attempt isolating the PS4 and also the screen/TV.

If you have actually linked a USB cable on the front-port, take into consideration removing it. Sometimes, if the inner connectivity of the PS4 is not good, any type of task from the port can cause the console to shut dvery own.

Switching to Cable Web

Wi-Fi modules are well-known to cause fluctuations power in consoles as well as computer systems. If tbelow is some brief circuitry in the module, it will certainly reason an influx and pressure the PS4 to shut dvery own for great. Here in this scenario, think about switching to cable internet.

Ethernet Cable

Tright here is a cable power current at the ago of your PS4. If you don’t have actually a cable internet access, you deserve to easily use a LAN cable to connect your rexternal to your PS4. If the PS4 runs steadily in the LAN internet, avoid making use of the Wi-Fi link.

Note: You deserve to additionally disable your Internet entirely to test this solution.

Checking for Hardware Problems

If none of the above workarounds work for you, think about obtaining your PS4 checked for hardware problems. Tright here could be plenty of possibilities including a defecting PSU unit or your PS4 overheating.

There are additionally instances of world reporting the console getting shut down whenever before their PS4 gets heated up (most likely bereason of faulty joints in the system). Tbelow is additionally an worry of the overheating resulting in the thermal on-off switch to get motivated.

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It is recommended that you do not attempt at checking for hardware problems yourself; get it to a near Sony organization center.