Pubg buildings not rendering fix

Many type of PUBG players recently reported that the game is not loading textures of various objects, particularly structures when they land also on the ground. This glitch makes the graphics look confutilizing and also ruins the whole suffer of the game. If you’re having actually the same difficulty then don’t worry; this overview will certainly help you eliminate it in no time.

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Why are PUBG Buildings Not Loading?

Credit: u/mitchstanton, Reddit

Buildings play an essential duty in PUBG as they contain the loot that the players have to collect to fight through other players. So once the buildings don’t load correctly, it gets difficult for players to obtain inside and collect the loot. But why does this happen?

Well, this rendering issue largely occurs once the check out operation of your tough drive is slow-moving or your RAM is not huge sufficient to load all the game’s resources correctly. The graphics settings likewise play a function below considering a powerful GPU deserve to conveniently percreate assorted attributes in the game compared to a low-finish card.

Whatever the factor, the great news is that this problem is easily solvable by making a couple of tweaks to your COMPUTER. So let’s gain started!

Methods to Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading Issue

Here’s a list of remedies that have actually proved beneficial to many type of players. You may not need to try them all; simply begin at the top of the list and also occupational your way down until you find the one that does the trick for you.

Fix #1: Turn Off NVIDIA ShadowPlay

If you have actually an Nvidia card, this is going to be the easiest and most reliable fix for you. Ssuggest disable the Nvidia ShadowPlay by complying with these steps:

Step 1: Run Nvidia GeForce Experience as an administrator.

Step 2: Click the General tab on the left side of the display.

Step 3: Find and toggle the SHARE feature off in the appropriate panel (ShadowPlay is likewise recognized as Share).

Tip 4: Save your alters and leave Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Now rebegin your COMPUTER and also launch PUBG aacquire to watch if the buildings are loading appropriately.

Fix #2: Pre-render your game

Anvarious other good method to fix the PUBG buildings not loading problem is to pre-render the game. By pre-rendering we intend that we have to trick the game into rendering miscellaneous objects, assets, and also textures prior to landing.

The procedure can seem a little complicated however it is easy to execute. The annoying thing through this, however, is that you’ll need to execute it eexceptionally time you start the game. Here’s how you can pre-render PUBG:

Step 1: As quickly as you start the game, press and also hold the ‘W’ essential.

Tip 2: When the parachute pulls out, press the ‘Tab’ crucial while you’re still pressing the ‘W’ essential.

Step 3: An inventory screen will display up and your game will certainly freeze for some time. When it unfreezes, you’ll view all the textures and structures loaded perfectly.

Fix #3: Modify View Distance in game files

Anvarious other method to settle the PUBG rendering worry is by editing the watch distance. This technique may not work-related for everyone but deserve to be effective periodically. Basically, the see distance 1 in the game synchronizes to sreduced render tim. You can adjust this to ‘2’ so that the render time is increased. Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Follow the Path provided below:AppDataLocalTslGameSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor GameUserSetups.ini

Tip 2: Open the file.

Step 3: Search and navigate to ViewDistanceQuality=1.

Tip 4: Change the number to 2.

Step 5: Save the file.

Launch your game and also it need to load the structures perfectly in PUBG.

Fix #4: Upday your graphics driver

An old version of the graphics driver can likewise influence the gameplay and cause the buildings and textures not to pack in PUBG. Updating the graphics driver deserve to settle this issue.

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To perform this, sindicate visit your graphics card manufacturer’s webwebsite (Nvidia, AMD, or Intel) and also download and also install the the majority of current driver for your version. Make sure the driver is compatible via your variant of Windows system.

Once the driver installation is complete, restart your computer system and launch PUBG aacquire to see if the problem goes away.

Fix #5: Reinstall your PUBG

Sometimes an error may occur while installing the game records at the moment of installation. This error can prevent the structures from loading in PUBG. So if none of the over methods work-related for you, you have the right to attempt uninstalling and then reinstalling the game to settle the trouble.

If the problem persists also after reinstalling PUBG, don’t worry. Tright here are still two more fixes to try.

Fix #6: Add Physical RAM

If you’re low on RAM, the game may skip several resources, such as the structures and also textures, so that it can save space and run the game. If you have RAM listed below 8GB – which is the minimum requirement to run PUBG – you’re likely to confront the problem. In that situation, the just solution is to include a brand-new memory stick to your computer.

You can examine exactly how much RAM your PC currently has by pressing Success + PauseBreak. Next, check just how much RAM your mechanism have the right to support by running the command also “wmicmemphysical acquire maxcapacity” in Command Prompt. Then add a appropriate memory stick into your computer and also examine to view if the game runs smoothly without any type of difficulties.

Fix #7: Move your game to SSD

PUBG has actually a plethora of sources which have to be accessed quickly. Moving your game to an SSD have the right to help in this procedure. This is bereason SSDs have actually a higher accessibility time and are blazing rapid as compared to a conventional hard drive.

Follow these actions to move your game records to SSD:

Step 1: Connect your SSD to your computer system and then launch the Steam client.

Tip 2: Click the Steam option at the top left of the display and choose Settings.

Tip 3: Next, pick the Downloads tab in the left navigation pane and click STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS on the right side.

Tip 4: Click on ADD LIBRARY FOLDER at the bottom left corner and create a new folder on your SSD.

Step 5: Once done, exit the settings and also click LIBRARY in the height menu bar of the Steam client.

Step 6: Right-click PUBG from the settings and also select Properties.

Tip 7: Go to LOCAL FILES and also pick MOVE INSTALL FOLDER.

Step 8: Select the SSD catalog which you included in your library and also allow Steam to move the installation folder.

After you’ve moved your PUBG papers to SSD, restart your computer and launch the game to check if the problem is refixed.

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We hope one of the above fixes work-related for you and also you are able to pack structures in PUBG.