Pvp kernel not responding 2017

Organization of Legends’ PVP.net patcher kernel has quit working is a common error for LoL customers who challenge it as soon as they attempt to launch the game. Many kind of players reported that League of Legends is not launching due to this error. Whenever they start the game, a message shows up saying “PvP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working” and also shortly after it, the Organization of Legends launcher won’t open. It is becoming frustrating for players as they can’t play their favorite game in peace. However, they shouldn’t worry anymore as we have gathered a list of some ways via you have the right to resolve this annoying worry.

1 How to fix PVP.net Patcher Kernel has Stopped Working


How to deal with PVP.net Patcher Kernel has Stopped Working

Tbelow are a few means which can fix your difficulties if PVP.net Patcher Kernel is not working. The techniques encompass but not restricted to running the game as an administrator, solving the difficulty with the job manager, and also rerelocating some files. Let’s start with the list of remedies.

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Run Organization of Legends As An Administrator 

First of all, you need to attempt the easiest solution for the error. All you should do is right click Organization of Legends’ application, and Click on “Run as administrator.” This solution will many most likely solve the problem.


If the PVP.net error is not fixed by running the LoL as an administrator, try out the following technique.

Fix PVP.net Patcher Kernel Using Task Manager 

Anvarious other means to resolve the PVP.net error is, kill all the procedures related to LoLPatcher.exe. To carry out so, follow the procedures listed below.

Step 1. Open the Task Manager

Step 2. Go to the procedure tab.

Step 3. From tbelow, you have to select all the procedures linked to Organization of Legends such as LoLPatcher.exe. 

Step 4. After selecting the procedures as pointed out in the above step, right-click on them and kill these procedures by picking End Task.

Afterwards, relaunch your game and also view if it functions appropriately or not.

Fix PVP.net Patcher Kernel by Removing Some Files

If you’re not lucky and also the above two techniques don’t work-related for you, then tbelow is one last means which entails rerelocating some documents from the game’s patch folder. All you have to execute is:

Navigate yourself to the folder wbelow you mounted the game.Once you’re tright here, open up the RADS folder.Then, open projects, lol_air_client, releases.Open the folder which will show up on top in releases.From tright here, delete releasemanifest and also S_OK.Once you’re done through these, open DEPLOY folder.Delete the papers named logs, META-INF, lol.properties and also LoLClient.exe.

After successfully complying with the over actions, restart your game. It might take some time for it to launch as it will certainly be kind of reinstalling the patch, yet it will fix the PVP.net Patcher Kernel not working problem.

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Other Methods To Fix Organization Of Legends PVP.net Patcher Kernel Has Stopped Working Issue

Aside from the methods noted above, tbelow are a couple of more methods which you can usage to resolve the subject error. These approaches are not typically used, however they could aid you.

Run League of Legends in Compatibility Mode 

The League of Legends PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped functioning concern could get resolved if you adjust the compatibility mode. Follow the measures listed below.

Tip 1. Right click on Organization of Legends’ application symbol.

Tip 2. Click on ‘Properties.’


Tip 3. Go to Compatibility.

Tip 4. Click on “Run this routine in compatibility mode for:”

Tip 5. Select “Windows 7” from the drop dvery own choices.


Afterwards, click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK.’ Once you have actually efficiently done this, run the game as an administrator as shown in the first solution. PVP.net Patcher kernel need to not be a difficulty anymore.

Note: If the Organization of Legends not launching correctly via Windows 7 compatibility, attempt choosing Windows 8 or 10.

Reinstall League of Legends And Windows

If none of the above approaches job-related and also you are unable to launch Organization of Legends, then you have the right to sindicate follow the earliest method in the book. What you have to do is just reinstall your game. If it still isn’t working, try reinstalling your windows as in many instances the operating device reasons problems.

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Be certain to let us know whether any type of of the above techniques fixed the PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working problem for you or not in the comments listed below.