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September 23, 2020It appears the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch has resolved an audio reverse bug the game’s been suffering.

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It seems a Rainbow Six Siege audio bug assorted players have actually been elevating concerns about of late has actually been addressed through the FPS game’slatest patch. Thepatch notes for the (now live) Y5S3.1 update detaila raft of different fixes, however seemingly none relating to the inverted audio hiccups.Following developer Ubisoft Montreal’s confirmation it was“aware that some players are currently suffering an audio reverse bug in Rainbow Six Siege”, and that a solution was on the means, however, the studio now states it “believes” the bug has been solved through the new upday.

“Following the Y5S3.1 upday on PC, our groups deserve to no longer reproduce the inverted audio worries,” the dev states on Twitter. “Our latest patch notes point out a resolve for sound impacts going lacking after making use of a drone. We believe that the inverted audio was connected to this worry and that both are currently fixed.”

The Rainbow Six Siege team told us previously that it was “mindful that some players are currently suffering an audio reverse bug in Rainbow Six Siege. A deal with will certainly be released quickly and we’ll proceed monitoring the situation closely.” However before, it looks choose the hiccup has currently already been solved by the game’s latest upday.

The recent Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Operation Shadow Legacypatch notes detail a hold of fixes for some of the ideal Rainbow Six Siege Operators, favor Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher, Clash, Iana, and Nokk – specifically the former, that gets a batch of video camera and also launcher fixes. As for the multiplayer game’slevel design, there are miscellaneous asset, clipping, LOD, and other comparable fixes, together with a hold of tinkerings to the Chalet map.

Following the Y5S3.1 update on COMPUTER, our groups can no longer redevelop the inverted audio concerns.

Our latest patch notes mentions a settle for sound effects going lacking after using a drone.

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We think that the inverted audio was connected to this worry and also that both are currently fixed.

— Rainbow Six Siege (
Rainbow6Game) September 23, 2020

You deserve to discover the recent test server patch notes in complete on Reddit right here, yet as some users in the comments listed below them highlighted at the moment, tbelow didn’t show up to be anypoint related to an ‘audio reverse’ hiccup that some players have supposedly been encountering newly.

For example, Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber Get_Flanked debated the bug in a current clip, which apparently brought about in-game directions of sound to switch, and made the game pretty tricky to play.

Please, let us recognize if you proceed to enrespond to these problems after Y5S3.1 is deployed to your platcreate.

— Rainbow Six Siege (
Rainbow6Game) September 23, 2020

Earlier this year, following the launch of Y5S1, the studio posted an “updated sticky short article for audio bug reports”, listing various known problems – consisting of “inverted audio”. The hiccup’s defined on the linked R6Fixreport pageas an concern that causes sounds from left and also ideal in-game to flip, and also appear in the oppowebsite sides of a headset. Some players have reported inverted audio bugs in the comments to that post in the last couple of weeks.

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Fortunately, though, it looks favor the bug’s now gone, so you should be able to dive into the live game without encountering audio reversal.

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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

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