Rainbow six siege error code 2 0x0000c003

Finally! We uncovered solution for error 2-0x00000047 that users faced throughout playing in Rainbow Six Siege. The solution is basic and also explained above.

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The reason of error 2-0x00000047 incident lied in DNS, and also in order to play normal you just must flush DNS before founding the game. Also we need to cite that you will certainly have to do it eincredibly time you launch the game as it resets after you leave the Rainbow Six Siege.

Metod 1. All you require is CMD and also a distinct code that actually does 2 things – it runs the game and also flushes your DNS. So here’s the file:

echo off


title RSS by ha_borer

ipconfig /flushdns

start /b /w /D»C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game LaunchergamesTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege» RainbowSix.exe


collection /p «cmd=%cd%>»



goto cmd

All you must do is to copy these lines in notepad and conserve it through .bat extension. Also you should readjust it kind to All forms and save it on the desktop. Note that you game folder might differ so adjust the pathmeans to the game in your very own method.

Metod 2.

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The an additional technique for addressing the difficulty via error 2-0x00000047 is explained in a adhered to video:

Metod 3. Also you have the right to attempt to readjust the DNS settings on your computer system to Google Public DNS. How to readjust the DNS details can be found here — Using Google Public DNS.

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