Rainbow six siege lost connection to server

I bought the game yesterday and also just can't play it at all. Eincredibly game I join I last around 30 secs prior to my game freezes and gives me the error message "link to the game server is lost".

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My NAT form is open up and my ping in games is normal 50~

Have I invested £20 on a game I can't play?


I have the very same worry, same error codes etc, Ubi support is a waste of time, they just ask what ports I have actually forwarded etc and so on.. and also I've sent out them all that. whatever is forwarded, I have a DMZ.. everything is as it should be, nat kind open, WEU..

I'm wondering if it is something we share in common, as a few civilization have actually this.. perform you run any type of of the adhering to, Razer, Corsair? just trying to uncover a prevalent denominator

My peripherals:

Razer Deathadder Corsair K70 Blue Snowball Mic HyperX Stingers

This is really pissing me off as I literally phelp 20 for a game I can't play. I did all the very same as you, ports and DMZ and so on however nothing appears to work.

Hey, I am having the precise very same problem as both of you. Just bought the game last week and haven't been able to play a solitary complement the entirety means through in the past 4 days or so. I'll fill in to the complement, area a wall surface or two dvery own, drop rook armor and also then disattach quickly after eincredibly time.

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I tried terrorist hunt matchmaking and it worked totally fine, no troubles. My ports are forwarded, I have actually the DMZ set up, and have actually done whatever else the connectivity troubleshooting page says to execute. Ping is 50~, NAT open up.

Just to provide my input for peripherals because it's exciting that we all have the exact same mouse and a corsair product.

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Razr deathadder Corsair strafe rgb key-board Logitechnology g913? Idk headset

My username is TABLES_ on Uplay

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