Rainbow six siege shop not working

Whenever I attempt to buy R6 credits, it keeps saying "Error. Access Store". I"ve had actually this for a while, and I desire to buy operators, but I can not because of this. My brother likewise has the exact exact same difficulty. How perform I resolve it?
Hi tbelow,Can you please attempt the following:https://assistance.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/0...with-Uplay-PC/https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/0...inbow-6-Siege/- Hopecompletely this deserve to help
Guys, if you have currently completed an uninstall and reinstall of Uplay PC and also Siege, can you please run both as admin?Hopefully this will certainly fix the worry.- Cheers
Hey men,If you have actually tried all of the connectivity troubleshooting.Can you all please flush your DNS:https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/Faqs/0...w-to-flush-DNSAlso, if you are able, can you please change your DNS to Google DNS.- Hopecompletely this can deal with the worry for yourself.

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Originally Posted by OMGBigDataPerformed another deletion and reinstevery one of UPlay and R6S. Issue appears to be refixed via purchase finish. Not sure what Ubi did or what not, yet proved startup programs.Thank you.Glad to check out that the issue was reresolved for yourself.
Hey KItkat2612! If you are still having this issue, please make sure you have any other overlay software application disabled. In addition, please try these PC actions.
RNWgorkem Did you attempt the COMPUTER steps I likewise suggested? Some players found that reinstalling Siege seemed to resolve the concern as well. Do you have Uplay, Steam and Siege mounted on the very same HDD?
YOUNGPAPPY2322, are you still running into worries purchasing credits in Siege at this time? If so, please produce a ticket at assistance.ubi.com for the team to better investigate.ItsJameszy12, my apologies for the frustration that this has actually caused you. If you"re unable to purchase credits on your Xbox, I"d indicate getting to out to Microsoft Support. Ubisoft does not have actually accessibility to their backfinish tools and solutions, so I"m not able to investigate why you are not able to purchase in-game content.
I deeply apologize for the inconvenience you all have experienced. I"m likewise incredibly sorry for the frustration that this entirety ordeal has actually led to. Have any of you tried contacting our team at assistance.ubi.com? If so, deserve to you please let me understand your case number(s) for this instance? I"d be glad to ensure it"s inserted through the correct team for efficient support. Thank you!
Hey RadovanGiant,Sorry to hear that, on PS4 you execute should buy the content from the exact same local storefront as the game, otherwise it will certainly not work.I hope that helps clear points up for you.

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Originally Posted by Ang3l_BBonce i try to buy the $20 pack of R6 credits (im paying from my vapor wallet, wbelow i gained the game from) it doesnt give the credits. (im likewise trying to make the purchase from the game itself since i cant buy the credits from the vapor store) all it does is take me back to the money fill store web page not also providing the credits (obviously)Hi Ang3l_BB,Sorry to hear around your problem purchasing R6 credits.When you are not offered the credits, did it take a payment from you?Do you get any error messages?Thanks!
10 monthsback -Ubi-Houck-Direct link
Originally Posted by Ang3l_BBi checked my email and also have actually been receiving multiple emails saying that my purchase can have actually been a possible fraudulent purchase and has actually been blocked because of that. it argued that i inspect my 2-action auth to try and resolve it that means yet that didnt aid eitherThanks for the upday and indevelopment. In this instance, so we can talk to you around the account, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter though. Alternatively, you can additionally create a support ticket.Thanks!
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Originally Posted by FaCe_JarvisI"ve been trying to buy R6 credits for almost 3 weeks currently but am unable to. I can buy everything else in the game, for ex. The year passes some, some bundles and etc. But I can not buy any kind of R6 credits. It simply states try aget later on. PLEASE help I would certainly very appreciate it.Hey FaCe_Jarvis,Sorry to hear that you are having actually this problem.Is your payment still being taken?
5 monthsago -Ubi-TheBerry-Direct link
Hey tbelow men,For those of you still having problems, please try purchasing credits via the Net version of your particular stores;PS4; https://store.playstation.com/Xbox; https://www.xbox.com/microsoft-storeAuthoriix.NS
, please ensure you have actually the Ubisoft Connect overlay enabled when attempting to purchase credits.Let us know exactly how you obtain on!
3 monthsago -Ubi-TheBerry-Direct link
Hey males,chillion290
, your birth month may be the issueM00NC4T, please inspect your Overlay settings as listed above.As well as attempt disabling and also re-allowing the overlay.You"re additionally both welconcerned straight using our Support Site or you deserve to also reach us on Facebook and also Twitter
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