Rainbow six siege sound bug

Could Rainbow Six’s long-standing sound worries be a thing of the past? Ubisoft has actually reportedly squamelted the reversed sound bug for excellent in the Y5S3.1 patch, relocating forward in their quest to settle the sound engine.

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Sound bugs have plagued Siege because the game’s release. Ubisoft have detailed sound as their height issue to fix via Rainbow Six, and also have actually been functioning on it for fairly some time.

“Our priority on that front is to initially repackage the way sounds are stored and associated to the game. We presently have actually a restricted capability to fix particular problems and also this improvement have to make it simpler for us to occupational on the audio facet of the game,” they sassist in their last community upday in August.

Following the Y5S3.1 update on PC, our teams have the right to no much longer redevelop the inverted audio problems.

Our latest patch notes mentions a solve for sound impacts going absent after making use of a drone.

We think that the inverted audio was linked to this worry and also that both are now solved.

— Rainbow Six Siege (
Rainbow6Game) September 23, 2020

Their initial goal was to ship some transforms in Year 5 Seachild 3. While it didn’t come through the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy, it shows up some of the concerns are slowly being rerelocated with various other bug fixes.

“Following the Y5S3.1 upday on COMPUTER, our teams can no much longer recreate the inverted audio problems,” they sassist in a September 23 tweet.

“Our latest patch notes mentions a settle for sound effects going missing after using a drone. We believe that the inverted audio was attached to this problem and also that both are currently addressed.”

The solve solves sound being inverted in headphones, which obviously resulted in incorrect callouts and also obtaining jumped on from the oppowebsite side. It frequently happened either by alt-tabbing, or swapping quickly in between cam watch and also constant see.

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The worry is one of many type of sound bugs Ubisoft are looking at tacking for Siege. Their goal is to “dynamically convey realistic sound direction and also place to the players,” and also patch-by-patch, they’re achieving that goal.

It must be resolved, yes.We know that some players enduring from the problem haven"t reported it because the resolve has been deployed.We might not repro it on our end either after 3.1.

— François R. (
Ubi_Fanch) September 23, 2020

The Y5S3.1 patch likewise included transforms to vote-to-kick removal, removing it from the game entirely, and also some bug fixes for the newly-released Chalet rework-related. You have the right to discover the complete patch notes listed below.

Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S3.1 patch notes


Vote-to-kick removal

In this update we will be removing the vote-to-kick function from Quick Match (vote-to-kick was previously only easily accessible in Fast Match.)

We’ve been security the usage of vote-to-kick for the last seasons and have actually shown that it is indeed a very abprovided function offered as a disruption tool and that it is considered by most to be a pain point in this playlist. Considering that it brings even more tension to Fast Match, we decided to turn it off.


Bug fixes

GameplayFIXED – Mismatched SFX as soon as picking up a hard breach charge device.FIXED – Operator shields will flip in initially perboy POV after swapping out the shield and performing a melee strike.Level designFIXED – Various clipping/dynamic clipping worries.FIXED – Various problems with assets/props on maps.FIXED – Various LOD problems on maps.FIXED – Various minor caster mode details.FIXED – Various vault concerns.


FIXED – Various vault problems on Chalet.FIXED – Jukebox in 1F Bar on Chalet deserve to be vaulted onto.FIXED – Various drone collision concerns on Chalet enabling drones to go OOB/OOW, or blocking drones.FIXED – Defuser can’t be picked up if dropped behind the boiler in B Key Garage on Chalet.FIXED – Defuser can’t be picked up if dropped in particular spots on Chalet after forcing collision.FIXED – Defuser can’t be picked up if dropped in a specific spot on EXT Helipad Trail of Chalet.FIXED – Drones are not damaged as soon as thrvery own OOB on Chalet.FIXED – Issues with Secure Area mode in 1F Fireplace on Chalet.FIXED – Operator deserve to go OOB by forcing collision in EXT Helipad Trail of Chalet.FIXED – Players can’t vault down to B Backyard stairs on Chalet.FIXED – Potentially exploitable position on Chalet.FIXED – Some tools float once attached to solarium windows on Chalet.FIXED – The table in B Wine Cellar of Chalet can’t be damaged by explosives.Operators


FIXED – Sensitivity for Zero’s Argus Camera on controllers is better than intended.FIXED – Incontinuous replication for Zero’s Piercing Camera for players who have actually reconnected to the game.FIXED – Multiple damage decals from Zero’s cam once deployed on certain surencounters.FIXED – Visual problems through Zero’s Argus Launcher reticule and crosshair while hipfiring and ADS, respectively.FIXED – Zero’s Argus Launcher crosshairs are not being impacted by the disable state as soon as inside Mute’s jammer AOE.FIXED – Zero’s Piercing Camera have the right to be deployed multiple times in the same spot.FIXED – Zero’s Piercing Camera floats if deployed on a barricade that later on has its perimeter destroyed.


FIXED – Clash’s shield computer animation deserve to be quit by pressing any kind of spring/shoot butloads.


FIXED – When making use of Iana’s Gemini, her 1.5x and 2.0x scopes will readjust to a different scope on the Gemini.

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FIXED – Scopes are held closer to Nokk’s confront once susceptible once her HEL is active.User experienceFIXED – ADS Sensitivity settings are not being saved after restarting on consingle.FIXED – In tradition matches, duplicate pings deserve to occur once switching sides.FIXED – Missing SFX while in assistance mode after dying.FIXED – Various concerns lost in-game voice chat use.FIXED – Various concerns through in-game voice chat.FIXED – Various minor bugs in PvE.FIXED – Various UI/HUD issues.FIXED – Various visual cosmetic/shop concerns.