Random files in c drive

Recently, I"ve discovered a stvariety folder on my root C: drive (I"m currently utilizing Windows 10 20H1). The name of the folder and also its subfolders (check out images below) are all random numbers, yet their name has some similarities: 14-digit number and also start through 4703. I really do not understand why these folders show up, however they are taking the majority of spaces (approximately 7.45 GB).

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Parent folder on C drive




I additionally uncovered out that they contain many system documents and also mechanism apps (Internet Explorer, Windows Defender, Windows template,...). They seem prefer a backup of my OS folders but literally, I have never before backup my PC yet (I just usage System Restore, with the maximum disk area enabled for regain points is 3.5 GB).

Why did these folders created? Is it safe to delete them?

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It appears that Windows 10 "2004", or "20H1", has actually broken the majority of points on some machines, the ability to start afresh while keeping your personal files and also programs undamaged being among them, so probably on your PC, to prevent this from happening, the upgrade did create a backup of your individual papers and also programs in situation points went southern. –user1019780 Jun 15 "20 at 13:55
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