Raspberry pi 3 no green light

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I obtained a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Canakit through case, power supply, and warmth sinks) For Christmas, and also received a Micro SD and a Micro SD adapter. I downloaded “Nacho"s Image” from http://www.arcadepunks.com/nachos-new-6 ... ntendo-ds/ and also after copying that to the Micro SD card, I put it in the Pi. After this, the pi and the photo operated fine with my tv, and also through the provided power supply. Just last night, after not using the Pi for a few days, I plugged it in and also just the red light came on, and the green light never before also came on. The TV proved that there was nopoint linked, and I checked the HDMI plug on the Pi and the TV, and also they were both linked. After doing study, I uncovered that as soon as just the red light comes on, it usually implies that the Pi cannot review the papers on the Micro SD card, but it still has actually power. So, complying with this, I wiped down the SD card via a towel, and through a wipe. (I dried it conveniently so it wasn"t damaged.) After this, the Pi still wouldn"t affix to the TV, nor would it"s green light come on. I put the SD card via the Micro SD card in it"s adapter slot, and also my COMPUTER (Windows 8.1 at the moment, now 10) shelp it essential to format the SD card in F: (I think it was F:) and that formatting it would certainly delete all the data on it. I chose not to, and currently I"m stuck. Tright here shows up to be no inner or external damages to the Pi, and no damage to the Micro SD card, and I made certain whatever was linked, the HDMI cord, the Power supply, and also the USB key-board and also Mouse I usage. I am exceptionally distressed about this, bereason I really desire to use the Pi, yet I don"t recognize how to fix this, and I would certainly favor to avoid having actually to acquire an additional Micro SD card, yet if that happens to be the only solution, I will. Please tell me someone have the right to help me here!
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Re: Only Red Light no Environment-friendly Light? Help!

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A RPi SD card has actually 2 partitons, one that Windows can review and also write to (Pi"s /boot) and also one that it can not (/root). So when you plug the SD card into your PC it provides to format that partition. You were right not to allow it.The green LED lights up as soon as the Pi accesses the SD, so no green light is a poor sign.You might use Win32DiskImager to make a backup of your SD card (put a filename that does not already exist in the "Image File" box then click Read)If your card has any kind of beneficial information on it, this will save it.Then create the standard Raspbian image not NOOBS to the card (Etcher is probably easier for this step bereason you don"t should unzip the downloaded photo file), check out if the Pi will certainly boot with that. If it does, both the Pi and also the SD are great. If not, then you should try with a brand-new SD card.When you have actually a functioning Pi and also SD, then you deserve to tackle restructure your desired operating device.Edited - typos & reworded.