Raspberry pi resizing fat partition

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HiAfter great aid from Davespice my raspbian downfill booting is currently wondertotally, I am now trying to boot my Noobs download.Problem is after formatting my SD card twice and copying over the extracted Noobs papers, I get the boot display screen and an error message: error resizing existing fat partitionI deserve to cshed this dialogue box and watch the list of OS"s, but each one I select then provides an alert that I haven"t enough area on my card.Is this a prevalent solvable issue?Thanks.

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Your SD card hasnt been formatted effectively. Try following the actions given in the quick start overview.
HiYes I did follow this quick begin overview and provided the formatting tool with correct alternatives, I have done it a couple of times and also still have actually the very same concern. My sd card is branded 8gb Kingstonthe raspbian os functions fine, simply the noobs that"s a problemThanks

It sounds as though you are doing things best, and also the list of records looks correct. The final answer hregarding be the one from
rdb Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:07 pm One tiny detail to check:After formatting the SD card with SDForissue, are you "safely-removing" the SD card from the system and also re-inserting it prior to copying the files across?
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Well, I assumed I was (I was trying to store that worry in mind). However, the means you phrased the question, probably not.What I did:1. Formatted2. Copied the documents.3. Slight bugaboo here: My win7 box wouldn"t let me safely eject - sassist one more application was using it although I couldn"t watch what it was. So I rebooted the machine, and once the machine was off, removed the SD card.So: I will try doing the reboot between over action 1 and 2 and also step 3.
No joy.I did the procedures as explained in my previous post (2 reboots of my box - as it would certainly not let me eject the sd card).And I omitted stating plainly that "FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT ON" was shown in SDForissue each time I"ve tried this.You more than likely currently recognize the Error home window, however simply in case I wonder if the following indevelopment helps (it appears favor it"s acting favor format size adjustment was off after all during formatting in spite of setting it to the contrary and also checking what it shelp afterwards):"WARNING: you are attempting to usage /usr/sbin/parted to run on (resize) a file system. /usr/sbin/parted"s file device manipulation code is not as robust as what you"ll find in dedicated file-system-certain packeras prefer e2fsprogs. We recommend you to usage /usr/sbin/parted only to manipulate partition tables, whever possible. Support for perdeveloping the majority of operations on the majority of forms of file systems will be rerelocated in an upcoming release. Error: Can"t have actually a partition external the disk!"Furthermore, there is a "progression window" that indicates it"s trying to re-dimension prior to this error window comes up. That progression window claims "rerelocating 2, 3, 4" before it goes away and the error window comes up.So, considering that this appears to be a recent update to noobs, did somepoint acquire out of sync presented by this change?

The Error Window is "generic": it is the specific error reported at the finish that is of interemainder. In this situation -
rdb: Your SD card hasnt been formatted properly."My idea to safely-eject was intended to go between actions 1 and also 2 in your list.The reality that the OS thinks a process is utilizing the card might be pertinent - probably this is staying clear of the writes to the card totally completing and also leaving an unusable partition table?I assume you are using an SD card reader slot developed into the Windows machine? Is it truly SDHC compatible? Some are not. A cheap usb SD card "dongle" could be worth a shot.The re-sizing operation is a normal part of NOOBS at first-boot.

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Yup - did 2 reboots: Between step 1 and also 2 as suggested and also likewise at the original location.I believed the truth it wouldn"t let me eject was pertinent also. Which is why I did the complete reboot in both areas, as I figured that would be one means to get the OS to flush whatever to the card as it was time to close it.It is indeed a card-reader constructed into the lapheight - however it was a high end enough machine at the time to wright here it should be great (2 years old). And if it didn"t format, I shouldn"t be able to accessibility it for copying the files over to it without a hitch (as well as SDFormatter not noticing anything). Plus there"s sufficient boot-strap information for the rPi to at leastern start up - so I was presuming sufficient was functioning to wright here this is stselection (yes, can quickly be presuming wrong).And the SD card is the PNY SDHC P-SDHC8G10-GE (8G, class 10) - especially referred to as out as being good in http://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards if you"re not on a Mac.I guess it"s time to attempt a CentOS 6 VM via virtual box thtat"s on this machine and also check out if "dd" will certainly work-related (or acquire a USB reader on a dongle).And since I"m not the originator of this thread, there appear to be 2 of us via this issue. Yeah I understand, not enough for meaning.
try formatting in windows as restore defaults then format aobtain with sd collection to full size on load picture and attempt aobtain once ive had problems that"s generally resolved them it was originally said for flashing android yet works on raspberry as well windows need to safe eject doing that
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Try again, then as soon as you acquire the error:Press Ctrl-Alt-F2 and log in username: root password: raspberry

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$ cat /tmp/debug
The command also line to parted should be there, deserve to you paste that?Also do
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$ parted /dev/mmcblk0(parted) unit s(parted) p
And paste the result (or take photos)This need to tell us if the trouble is with parted or NOOBS and exactly how we can reproduce it to solve the problemThanksGordon
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Re: Noobs error resizing existing fat partition

Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:07 pm

digable1 wrote:Well, I assumed I was (I was trying to keep that problem in mind). However before, the means you phrased the question, maybe not.What I did:1. Formatted2. Copied the papers.3. Slight bugaboo here: My win7 box wouldn"t let me safely eject - said an additional application was utilizing it although I couldn"t see what it was. So I rebooted the machine, and also once the machine was off, removed the SD card.....

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this is most likely the problemhome windows is telling you that either it is still writing to the SD card or that you have actually it open if you reboot or anypoint you are likely to fail to acquire a good imagewait for it to finishormake certain that home windows does not have actually any type of traveler home window open up on the driveor it may be that your SD card reader is not SDHC and just SD
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The parted invocation: "/usr/sbin/parted --script /dev/mmcblk0 redimension 1 8192s 1286M"Now for the errors:mount: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p3 on /settings failed: No such file or directory(you can now intend this one) mount: mounting rw on /settings failed: Invalid argumentcan not uncover /settings in /proc/mountsNote: /proc has actually mmcblk0 and mmcblk0p1 (indeed, no mmcblk0p3).