Razer firefly not showing up in synapse

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So I"ve recently bought a Razer Firefly mousepad, and also there"s one major trouble... I plug it into my USB port, however nothing is happening. No sound that Windows renders as soon as you plug something in, nothing. Razer Synapse doesn"t detect it either. Any sort of assist will be significantly appreciated.


Your usb cable or conector might be damaged. I dont have a razer firefly however you might must check razer synapse to watch if it can be detected tbelow. Another point may be trying different usb ports.

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It should job-related fine on Windows 7. Unless you have a faulty Firefly I"m not certain what else you can attempt. Do you have actually one more COMPUTER or lapoptimal you have the right to try it on?
It must work fine on Windows 7. Unmuch less you have actually a faulty Firefly I"m not sure what else you can attempt. Do you have actually another PC or lapheight you have the right to try it on?
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