Realtek hd audio manager high cpu usage


Background apps normally consume an extremely small amount of sources and also tbelow must not be high CPU consumption problem for them. However, many individuals report that they have encountered ravbg64.exe high CPU consumption worry. MiniDevice supplies 3 techniques to fix the problem.

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What Is Ravbg64.exe?

Ravbg64.exe is a process belonging to the Realtek High Definition Audio codecs or the Realtek driver. Typically, you shouldn’t terminate it because Realtek HD Audio is a tool that helps manage audio on COMPUTER.

Usually, ravbg64.exe runs in the background and must not take most handling power or memory. If you enrespond to ravbg64.exe high CPU intake worry, you deserve to attempt to solve it via the adhering to methods.

Before you go to the remedies, you need to make sure the ravbg64.exe which takes high CPU is not a virus. You deserve to open up your Task Manager, right-click the ravbg64.exe process, and also choose Open file location. If it’s in the path: RealtekAudioHDA folder, it’s not a virus. Then you have the right to follow these approaches to settle the trouble.

Tip: If you find out that it’s a virus, you have to run a virus shave the right to and also remove it instantly.

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Method 1: Update the Realtek Driver

To settle ravbg64.exe high CPU consumption problem, you can attempt updating the Realtek driver. The detailed procedures are as complies with.

Step1: Press Win + R to invoke Run home window. Then input devmgmt.msc and also click OK to open up Device Manager.

Step 2: Double-click Sound, video and also game controllers to expand the list.

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Step 3: Right-click your Realtek Audio driver and also pick Upday driver.


Step 4: In the pop-up window, click Search immediately for updated driver software and also then follow the instructions to complete the process.

Then, you should rebegin your computer and open Task Manager to inspect if ravbg64.exe high CPU usage worry is addressed.

Method 2: Disable and also Enable Related Realtek Audio Programs

You can also attempt disabling the startup Realtek software program by means of System Configuration and also Realtek audio driver via Device Manager, and then enabling them all to resolve the trouble.

Step 1: Open Run home window and form msconfig in the box. Then press Enter to go to System Configuration.

Step 2: Under Startup tab, click Open Task Manager. Then disable all startup items pertained to Realtek audio. To perform this, you just need to select them and also click Disable one by one.


Step 3: Follow Method 1 to locate Realtek audio tool and also right-click it. Then select Disable device.

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After you disable them all, describe instructions over to allow them aobtain. Then examine if the problem is addressed.