Red light of death ps4

Errors aren’t fun. Nobody likes as soon as things go wrong, but occasionally they just do, and tright here isn’t much anyone can have actually done to prevent it. Not even our beloved PS4 is immune to life’s little foibles and technical defects; if you’re unlucky enough to gain a consingle from a negative manufacturing batch (it does happen, albeit incredibly hardly ever – the PS4 has actually an extremely low faiattract price at below 1%), your PS4 could be vulnerable to a variety of various faults and also troubles.

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One of these is the harrowing Red Light of Death, or RLOD. Unfavor RLOD’s closest cousin, the Blue Light of Death (BLOD), RLOD doesn’t sound favor a bloodsucker out to drain the life force from your PS4. Also unprefer BLOD, RLOD has actually a definite cause; wright here BLOD suggests “basic hardware failure”, RLOD is particularly warning you that your PS4 is overheating internally.

Typically, extfinished gaming marathons don’t reason your console to overwarm. Sony doesn’t recommfinish that you leave the console on for also long without powering it dvery own for 15 minutes, and also although that’s primarily for wellness reasons, it deserve to also extfinish the lifespan of your valuable consingle. Still, overheating will certainly happen, and as soon as it does, you’ll see that horrifying red light on your PS4. Here’s exactly how you deserve to get over it.

Similar to through BLOD, we strongly, strongly recommend that you take your console to a experienced to get it resolved if you gain RLOD. If you’re still in warranty via Sony, also better – contacting them to arrange an official repair must absolutely be your initially port of call. If all else stops working, though, there is a way you have the right to solve your PS4’s overheating difficulty yourself. Fast note: unchoose BLOD, you will certainly should open up your consingle for certain to resolve this trouble, so make certain you’re following these procedures closely.


First things first, you need to make certain your PS4 is correctly ventilated. Don’t place it on carpet if you can help it; try wood or a flat, solid surface instead. Change the orientation of the consingle (vertical to horizontal or vice versa), clear out its side vents and also rear vents, and make certain the PS4 isn’t hemmed in by anything and has enough space to “breathe”.

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If you’ve done all that and the PS4 still isn’t playing sphere, you’ll have to get hardware-oriented, because we’re going to swap out your console’s thermal paste. Thermal paste is supplied in a lot of electronics of this nature as a conduit in between warm sinks and warm resources. Think of it as the glue that helps your PS4 save cool.

You’ll must purchase some good-high quality thermal paste for this. Don’t scrimp; cheaping out might feel great at the time, but you won’t be doing your console any type of favours, unfortunately. Good-top quality thermal paste is fairly simple to come by, and study must tell you the best brands to aim for. It’s global, so you don’t have to issue about whether it’s specialised for Computers or anything. Before we start, you’ll need the adhering to items:

Torx T9 screwdriverPhilips-head screwdrivers – a variety of different sizes is bestPair of tweezersThermal paste

Let’s gain dvery own to brass tacks. First off, open up the HDD cover of your PS4 and also remove the difficult drive. Next, you should rerelocate the screws which are hiding beneath the “warranty void if removed” sticker labels on the underside of your console. Place the PS4 on a flat surchallenge upside dvery own, and also remove the bottom of the consingle. It should feel prefer opening a door or a window on a hinge. Along the back of the PS4, you’ll uncover the power supply unit. Unscrew and also remove this.

Next off, it’s time for the Blu-ray drive to be removed. You could desire to ask someone to aid you through this, as there are fragile ribbon cables surrounding which must be avoided. Once this action is completed, you can rerelocate the piece of plastic aheight the PS4, and also the metal shielding beneath. Caretotally (we can’t anxiety that enough) pry the console’s motherboard amethod from its real estate, and you have to watch thermal paste residue beneath.

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Clean off this paste residue through a soft microfibre-style fabric. You have to see it around the console’s heatsink and also CPU / GPU (graphics handling unit). Wipe both surfaces dvery own. Make certain to usage isopropyl alcohol below, as other substances might interfere with the console’s internals. Apply the new thermal paste in the locations wright here you cleaned off the old paste. Try to make this layer as thin as possible – a thickness of under 1mm is best. Anything more won’t look excellent, and could interfere with the method the console’s internals are laid out. Spread out the layer with a flat object.

Whew. After all this, it’s time to reassemble your console. Simply follow the above procedures in reverse and also you should be fine. There you go – your PS4 must be as slick and cool as it was when you first acquired it. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then you need to take your consingle to a professional to obtain it looked at, unfortunately. Hopetotally it does, though. Happy DIY!