Risk of rain 2 not responding




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PROBLEM The electronic camera is constantly pointing dvery own, or I"m obtaining weird input latency!FIX First, attempt unplugging and then replugging your controller. If that does not settle it, look under Device manager and make certain tbelow are no controllers. If you have actually VJOY or HOTAS mounted, please uninstall it!PROBLEM The game will not launch - crashes on startup!FIX Please make sure to upday your Graphics Drivers, disable any Antivirus, and restart your COMPUTER. Later on, reinstall the game!PROBLEM The game is running really poorly or hotly - even though my machine is great.

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FIX Please make sure that V-Sync is disabled in your Nvidia Control Panel, and also that your Graphics Drivers are as much as date!PROBLEM I can not acquire previous the initially screen, and also it claims EARLY_ACCESS_DISCLAIMER.FIX Please make sure that your Window System Clock"s Timezone is NOT Invalid. If that does not deal with it, please uninstall THEN reinstall VC++ 2015, presented below https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 PROBLEM All the strings in the game say stuff prefer CONTEXT_NAME_STRING, TITLE_MENU_STRING, and so on.FIX Please make certain that your Window System Clock"s Timezone is NOT Invalid. If that does not deal with it, please uninstall THEN reinstall VC++ 2015, shown below https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 PROBLEM My mouse does not reprimary bound in the window.FIX Try uninstalling "vjoy" or hotas and view if that fixes it.

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PROBLEM My conserve file disappeared!FIX Please rebegin vapor and then Right Click "Risk of Rain 2" -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files. The save file need to come ago from Steam Cloud.PROBLEM I can"t push the Continue switch in the title. It likewise may say EARLY_ACCESS_DISCLAIMER.FIXWe"ve generally narrowed dvery own the concern to your **Save data being corrupted. This might be led to because you shut the game dvery own abruptly or one more issue occured.** Please note that this will wipe your conserve file contents. If you desire, back it up elsewhere. First, make certain Risk of Rain 2 is closed. Restart Steam. Next off, situate the folder that your userpropapers are saved in. This is typically in
C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata(ACCOUNTNUMBER)632360 emoteUserProfiles
There should be an xml file in there through a bunch of random personalities, i.e
Reopen the game in Steam.Please let me recognize if this works - we will be patching the game later on to work roughly this, but for now this should at leastern let you gain the game.PROBLEM
NONE OF THESE WORKED!FIX If all else falls short, we"ve been having good success via just refounding your COMPUTER. As silly as it sounds, it often tends to resolve the majority of problems.

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If none of these occupational, please send an e-mail to contact
hopoogames.com and we will certainly try to obtain earlier to you as quick as feasible.I will be updating this periodically via more assist.