Rufus error while partitioning drive

I wanted to make a bootable USB drive making use of Rufus. I opened up the regime went via all the default choices and also I clicked start BUT what I forgot to perform is to select an iso bereason I believed it would certainly simply make the disk bootable without selecting anypoint. Unfortunately it did not. It gave me an error. I perform not remember it bereason this was around 6 months earlier after I gave up in resolving it. Anymethod I tried to reformat it again using diskpart and it fails. With Rufus it states "ERROR while partitioning drive" and I think that was the initial error also. Also throughout the battle I got messeras from home windows saying that the disk is compose safeguarded and also NO, there is no switch for that on the USB pendrive.

More info: Transcfinish 16 GB Rufus 1.4.9, Frustrated student :/




I gained messperiods from windows saying that the disk is create safeguarded and also NO, tbelow is no switch for that on the USB pendrive

A exceptionally prevalent indicator that the flash memory on your USB drive became defective, and that the USB controller switched to read-just mode to offer you a chance to check out your information, if feasible. Flash memory is not everlasting and will certainly fail as you usage it, ultimately. This can occur while using Rufus or while sindicate copying papers utilizing Windows Explorer.

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If you still have actually concerns that it was Rufus that damaged your flash, please view this.


Windows provides this kind of error, as soon as it is unable to perdevelop write procedure on the disk.

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In your situation, pen drive file mechanism can have actually been corrupted.

I"ve faced similar concern once the installation procedure terminated forcibly.

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I had addressed pen drive utilizing Linux mechanism.

Boot to Linux system, open up "GParted", choose your pen drive, format it in NTFS file device.By the time it finishes formatting, hopetotally your pen drive would be in a working condition


It kinda feels odd answering your own question. Anymeans I solved the flash by making use of Transcend"s extremely very own flash drive recoexceptionally software application that is accessible on their webwebsite. I guess Ill just be buying external storage from Transcfinish and I would certainly recommfinish everybody else to buy their products just because of this. Also, as soon as I watch several world saying that your flash drive ended up being defective or something I just do not want to think them especially as soon as your product is still new or not that old for I have confirmed the "experts" wrong best here!

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And Rufus did break it there is no denying that. To the creator of Rufus deal with your bug and soptimal denying that your program is dangerous to flash drives!


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