Runescape a heap has been corrupted

Before posting around "A heap has actually been corrupted" and also other NXT errors be sure to examine out RuneScape's support page!

First off, as soon as you fill the NXT launcher I recommfinish letting the game cache load COMPLETELY which can take hours relying on your internet speed. On the loading display you'll check out a loading wheel on the bottom best which you must let load, its around a 8gb download so do some job-related or analysis while you wait. You deserve to technically begin the game before it entirely tons but many civilization still run right into concerns. Patience is vital to this upday.

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A heap has actually been corrupted!!

Occasionally some players might see the error message "The setup papers are corrupted. Please obtain a brand-new copy of the program". If you check out this message please install a brand-new web browser on your computer system and attempt to downfill the client aobtain.

For example, if you're using Google Chrome and watch the error message above try installing the Firefox internet browser and also use that to download the client instead.

If you're receiving the error message 'A heap has actually been corrupted' then please follow these steps:

Rebegin your computer

2. Using a web browser you haven't currently tried to downfill NXT with, such as Google Chrome, Net Explorer or Firefox head to the downlots web page. 3. Right click on the golden downfill button and also click 'Save Link As' and conserve the installer straight from your desktop computer and also run it from there. If you continue to experience this error message try changing the compatibility mode of the installer and attempt again.

My client still doesn't work!

Clear your cache! This fixes the huge majority of troubles relating to the client not loading. On Windows the settings cache is stored by default in the 'AppData' folder. To find & clear the cache, search your computer for:

%userprofile%appdatalocaljagex unescape

In this folder you should find a 'settings.jcache' file. This is the cache - you sindicate have to delete this file.

Client is slow/laggy!!

Every 'Scaper in Gielinor is trying to use the NXT client and also so it may take some time for the cache to downpack. Until it's fully downloaded your play endure might be a tiny laggy. Tbelow need to be an indicator in the bottom ideal of the client to let you recognize just how the downlots going.

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If things are still slow after the cache has actually fully downloaded, please work through these procedures and inspect them in this order:

Check all your chauffeurs and operating device are bang approximately day. Check out our overview right here.

In your in-game graphic settings locate the 'VSync' alternative & turn it on - this fixes the huge majority of lag concerns that still reprimary after the three procedures above have actually been followed.

Make sure your PC has actually the best chance of running the client so consider closing other applications which might be running in the background & switching to an ethernet connection if you're on wireless (particularly if other world are also sharing your internet connection).

Boost your connection - inspect out our peak tips here! Reducing any of your graphic settings will certainly additionally enhance performance.

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Got a bug or an concern that has no fix? Check this thread to check out if its on the list of well-known problems.,416,2,65778807


Please be certain to submit a bug report before posting your hilarious NXT glitches for that sweet r/runescape Karma.