Saints row 2 keeps crashing

I was playing Saints Row 2 previously today without any type of trouble. But as soon as I downloaded the latest upday, it freezes eexceptionally time I attempt to begin a game (On the "Loading" display screen once I attempt to "Continue" my game.) The third time that I tried founding it, I got a patch for the game. I thneed to myself that "Hey, they"ve resolved it!" But the trouble has actually continued. I also tried clearing my mechanism cache through no result.

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I"ve tried running the game in various other settings. It appears that the ONLY location I cant play the game is in the single player campaign mode. I"m currently around half way through the game.

Has anyone else been having this problem? And if so, does anyone know how to deal with it?

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Hey Gatekeeper, Have you tried these walk through procedures yet?

Also, try to delete the updates and re-download them.

Greetings GateKeeper A

This is an main concern that Volition have achnowlaged then you must attempt to talk to the developer about this issue. But let me attempt to help you. First, try to install the game at your HDD, some players say that this resolve the difficulty or at least minimize the freeze.

If that doesn"t resolve the difficulty, I imply you to attempt clear your cache.

To clear the system cache
Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and also selectSystem Settings. Select Storage or Memory.

Highlight any kind of storage tool, and also then press Y on your controller. (It doesn"t issue which storage tool you select; the cache will certainly be cleared for all storage tools.)Select Clear System Cache.

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I have tried the following:

-Cleared the device cache

-Checked for corrupted files

-Deleted game from HD

-Reset up the game

-Tried playing other games (Which functioned just fine.)

-Deleted and remounted my profile

-Redownloaded the latest BETA update

-Talked with 4 various support civilization.

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What around decrease the update? Only factor I ask that is, you declared you are beta. IMO, that must have nopoint to perform via that have actually gone ( and stated) through a lot of ( if not all) procedures below on

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I will say I have played SR2 and it does have significant worries. I will put it in there through Skyrim ( what I am going through now).

I am find unfixed problems all the means ago to 2009. Here is the latest in 2012:

Does not answer your question however you are not alone.

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Yeah, for a while I assumed it could be a glitch that was staying clear of me from playing my saved game, but I dont watch exactly how that would have actually prevented me from founding a new game.

I"ve run into a pair of minor difficulties with SR2 (Just glitches, or vehicles/human being not behaving actually the method they have to.) They have constantly been solved by either entering/leaving a mission, or at worst rebooting the device.

Thanks for trying to aid, I appreciate the effort even if I"m not gaining the outcomes I was hoping for. At this allude, I"m just hoping that its addressed with the next BETA upday.

In the meantime, I have to figure out what my new task game is going to be, . . . .

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i acquire the same thing yet i have actually a xbox 360 arcade console and i dont have any kind of saves it freezes on the 2nd splash display of the brand-new game alternative i cant send it in because i have actually no warranty and i have actually opened it up currently to deal with the dvd-rom drive. I have declined the game update and also it still freezes i require assist i havent tried holding the sync button at initial startup yet.