Samsung magician over provisioning not working

So i was setting up my ssd with magician and also witnessed that i should carry out the over provisioning point.

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I clicked the tab and it scannes for a while and then it doesnt occupational and also it says this:

"Magician might not finish the procedure on last available partition. You deserve to try to shrink/expand also to set/clear OP manually utilizing ."

I looked at that disk monitoring screen but havent done anypoint yet because im worried i'll break somepoint haha.

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How can i settle this and carry out the over provisioning thing? It states also:

area alsituated for OP: 0.00GB

give thanks to you!

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4 years ago
From Windows Disk Management delete the OP volume and reshave the right to the disks in magician. Everypoint must work-related fine now.

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