Samsung tv usb port power

Is it ok for me to power my fire tv stick utilizing the USB port constructed right into my television? The instruction manual states not to however I have actually been powering mine this way for about a week and also have actually not had actually any type of issues. Will utilizing the USB port on my TV influence the performance or damages my fire tv stick over time?

I attempted the usb port this particular day and it bricked my TV. It would not power off. I had actually to revolve the breaker off from the sub panels in the basement. Luckily, it powered back on, when I flipped my breaker ago on. TV is no much longer a brick, it works aobtain.

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It works excellent, Ived done this for years. With a pair various versions of sticks and different TV"s no worry what so ever. The stick is simply a machine that is powered by USB... Most TV"s have a typical USB port.. it works






According to this attach,( ) it appears that the Fire Stick needs >900mA to work-related effectively. You may wish to inspect what is published on the supplied power adapter that came through the Fire Stick as regards the output existing to verify this. It need to be better than 900mA (it more than likely is 1A).

Your TV"s USB port seems to be offering at leastern this amount of present as you say that tbelow have been no worries.

An issue may (I anxiety might only) aclimb if for example you have actually the Fire Stick being powered by the TV"s USB port and also you connect one more USB device (if you have that many kind of USB ports on your TV) and also find that it doesn"t job-related or that the Fire Stick then likewise doesn"t work-related bereason the complete power that is being provided to the USB ports is not sufficient for both gadgets. This is just conjecture on my part but the Fire Stick is illustration even more present than the average USB device.

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To be sure you would certainly have to examine the TV"s specifications and also view if you have the right to find out what each USB port"s maximum present output is.

As to what damage might take place to the Fire Stick by powering this means. In a means it might be a safer option than using the supplied power adapter. As long as tright here is sufficient present being provided by the USB port (watch over proviso) it must be OK. If tright here is a case where the current is much less it could cause feasible "information corruption" in the firmware of the Fire Stick if the power was fluctuating.

By utilizing the TV"s USB port, in impact the TV is acting as a power surge protector for the Fire Stick. In the event of a wall surface outlet power surge hopecompletely the TV will bear the brunt of it and also the Fire Stick will be spared. Whereas, unmuch less you have actually the power adapter associated to the wall outlet via a surge protector tbelow is no protection whatsoever for the Fire Stick if a power surge occurs.

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My just pointer to be really sure of not resulting in any kind of difficulties is that if you wish to rerelocate the Fire Stick from the TV is that you rotate the power to the TV off prior to you remove the Fire Stick, fairly than removing it from a powered TV.