Sandisk ultra ii vs extreme pro

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Back in the early days of SSD production, SanDisk was a really well-known brand also of SSD assets that provides impressive performance especially for resource-extensive software, favor, games. However, via the technology advancement acquiring faster and much faster via each day, there are some various other manufacturers that have actually joined the competition. SanDisk updays their line-up via SanDisk Ultra II and also SanDisk Extreme Pro to keep playing, and also tright here are indeed some loyal fans that stick via them. These models are nevertheless much better than average SSD commodities. Well, SanDisk Extreme Pro is more expensive than SanDisk Ultra II, one factor of why world obtain confused picking in between the 2. Do you desire to know what are the distinctions between SanDisk Extreme Pro and SanDisk Ultra II?


Speed and PerformanceTelling you the truth, SanDisk Ultra II is an older version while SanDisk Extreme Pro is the newer model. So, tright here is no surpclimb as soon as finding that SanDisk Extreme Pro have the right to boast a much better performance than SanDisk Ultra II. The older version currently attributes 128Glittle 19nm TLC with nCache 2.0 and also Multi-Page Recoextremely, which are powerful to proccasion information error in instance of sudden power loss. However, SanDisk Extreme Pro makes use of 64Glittle 19nm MLC, additionally through similar data loss avoidance steps with nCache Pro. As the result, SanDisk Extreme Pro deserve to achieve a higher rate than SanDisk Ultra II for random read/create operations, as much as 100k/90k IOPS compared to 98k/80k IOPS.

Capacity, Additional FeaturesBoth models are accessible in 960 GB, 480 GB, and also 240 GB. However before, tright here is a 120 GB variant for SanDisk Ultra II, which is not easily accessible for SanDisk Extreme Pro. Nevertheless, civilization hardly ever look for such low capacity option, anyway. SanDisk Extreme Pro as the newer model is equipped by the manufacturer through more progressed features. One significant upgrade is the addition of thermal throttling to SanDisk Extreme Pro. This is extremely nifty, ensuring the longevity of the SSD versus heat issues. The older design does not have thermal throttling, for this reason is more delicate to overheat if being offered for a long period non-sheight. Related comparison: SanDisk Extreme Vs Ultra.

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SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Ultra II

SanDisk Extreme ProSanDisk Ultra II
Key Features- Innovative nCache Pro innovation delivers regular high performance- Load and run graphics-extensive games and also video faster than ever- Amazing read and compose speeds- Reliable and also continuous performance you deserve to count on- Low latency- Engineered to optimize drive endurance- Sequential Read 550MB/s; Sequential Write 500MB/s- SanDisk"s nCache 2.0 technology delivers enhanced speed and endurance- NCQ support manperiods queue size for better multitasking and also workpack management- Limited 3-year warranty (US)

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NOTE : Product prices, availcapacity, ratings and also save money information are precise as of the date/time shown on short article time (as watched ideal bellow the tittle) and also are subject to readjust. Any price, ratings, availability and save money indevelopment displayed on Amazon Site at the moment of purchase will use to the purchase of this product.

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ConclusionSanDisk Extreme Pro possesses much better performance and also especially data defense than SanDisk Ultra II. Thus, SanDisk Extreme Pro is indeed worth the upgrade, and is an excellent option.