Screen turns black when watching video

Summary: Video turning black is nopoint brand-new. It is a prevalent incident, and also once it happens, you begin looking for services to deal with it. With the afore-proclaimed services, you have the right to quickly solve any type of type of video concern. Read on to understand just how to resolve black display while playing videos error via the assist of prominent remedies consisting of Stellar Repair for Video.

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Videos are most widely offered in both personal and also expert life. Almost all of you usage it on consistent basis to capture unique moments. However, prefer various other media files, videos are likewise susceptible to problems bring about damage, corruption, or inaccessibility.

Looking forward to a solution to resolve ‘Babsence Screen‘ Video error, below is a substantial problem-solving guide for you to deal with this worry. This guided approach is going to serve you through sound knowledge of manual viewpoints as well as software application strategy.

What are the feasible Reasons and also Fixes for Black Display Video Error?

Broadly speaking, this error have the right to be due to 2 significant reasons:

Missing codecOutdated Video Driver

How to Fix ‘Babsence Screen’ Issue?

Equipment 1. Get an Expert—Use StellarVideo Repair Software

The cause of ‘Black Screen’ can be as a result of compression concerns or read/create errors or file format transforms or corruption or virus strike and so on. In all these situations, a world’s finest video repair software program favor Stellar Repair for Video have the right to just work-related favor wonders.

Easy Steps to Repair Corrupt or Damaged Video Files

Step 1: Install, Launch andRunStellar Repair for VideoSoftware.

Tip 2:Click onAdd Fileon the main interchallenge to include video documents.


Figure 1: Key Interface of the software

Tip 3:You have the right to better Add papers that you want to repair.

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Figure 2: Add file to repair

Step 4:All the listed video files are repaired step by step and their scanning status is shown listed below. The Stop button is obtainable to soptimal a procedure at any type of certain activity.


Figure 3: Scanning

Tip 5:A completion message appears after repair finish.


Figure 4: Process Complete

Tip 6:After successfully repairing, you canpreviewthe repaired papers.


Figure 5: Preview

Equipment 2: Reduce Video Card Hardware Acceleration

Steps are:

Right-click DesktopSelect PersonalizeNext off, choose Display SettingsUnder this, pick Advanced SettingsNow, switch to Troubleshoot tabNext, select Change Settings complied with by clicking Reduce Hardware Acceleration

Equipment 3: Reinstall Media PlayerSteps are:

Press X essential + WindowsNow, under right-side pane, click Turn Windows features on or offoption


Next, go to Media Featuresand unmarkWindows Media Player to uninstall it.


Next, clickOK, and simply closePrograms and also FeaturesLastly, to reinstall, repeat procedures 1 to 4 ( Make certain to checknote Windows Media Player)

Systems 4: Uninstall and also install the DriverSteps are:

Go to Device Manager and launch itOpen the Node for the gadget that you wish to uninstallRight-Click on this specific tool entryOn Shortcut menu, select Uninstall optionConfirmation window pop up confirms the actionHere, Click OkNext, Reinstall

Note: Almeans download the latest driver prior deleting. Plus, make sure to create a System Resave suggest. If you are dealing with any kind of other video related problem please read 5 widespread video errors and its solution.

To Sum Up

Dealing through babsence display while playing videos is a common problem. Stellar Repair for Video can prove to be an efficient weapon in handling such problems.

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More, if you still have any query, feel complimentary to connect with us using the comment area.

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