Sea of thieves full screen fix

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If you’re looking to play a first-perchild multiplayer Co-op and also PvP game that is themed approximately pirates and the high seas, then Sea of Thieves is the game for you.

The graphics are superb, and also the combat mechanics are exceptionally fun to use, and it is likewise obtainable for Windows 10 and also Xbox One.
However before, it is a game after all, and also no game is without the occasional bug. For example, Sea of Thieves players have been reporting that they cannot truly play the game in fullscreen:

Everytime I put my crosshair wbelow my home windows taskbar is , it pops up and also If i look all the means up in the game, the game tab reflects up (wright here you deserve to “x” out the game “minimize”, and etc. pls assist its really annoying when ur trying to the play the game.

This problem has been playing players for some time currently, and also tbelow are several ways you can settle it. While admittedly some of the methods are thought about workarounds at finest, you will certainly at least be able to gain Sea of Thieves in fulldisplay screen mode.

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How can I play Sea of Thieves in fullscreen?

1. Change your user account manage settings

Type RunType in regulate.exe in the search barSelect User AccountsGo to User Accounts

You can’t open Control Panel? Take a look at this step-by-action guide to uncover a solution.

2. Update the game

The game is mounted by means of the Microsoft Store App, and as such, it have the right to be updated with it.

Because of this, if you already have actually it set up, make sure that Sea of Thieves is updated by following these steps:

Open the Microsoft Store AppPress the 3 dots on the height appropriate of the screenSelect Downlots and also updates from the dropdown menu

If you don’t like manually updating your Store Apps, you can always set them to update immediately by following this overview.

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3. Upday Windows 10

Store App games such as Sea of Thieves might not job-related if you’re not running the latest version of your OS. Therefore, a great action to solving the fulldisplay screen worry is updating your WIndows 10.

Press StartChoose SettingsSelect Upday & SecurityReboot the PC

4. Run the Store App Troubleshooter

Press StartGo to SettingsSelect Update & SecurityChoose TroubleshootFrom the list choose Windows Store apps

5. Reset Sea of Thieves

Press StartChoose SettingsSelect AppsFind Sea of Thieves on the listSelect Modern OptionsSelect Reset


By adhering to this guide, you need to be able to play Sea of Thieves in fulldisplay screen mode without interference from Windows 10 UI elements.