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in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; So I bought the game earlier in november-december 2019 and I"ve never encounter any problems till summer 2020. When I tried to log in the game, a message...Discussion in "XBoX on Windows" started by Mathias La Rochelle, Dec 30, 2020.

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So I bought the game ago in november-december 2019 and also I've never enrespond to any kind of troubles until summer 2020. When I tried to log in the game, a message was informing me to upday it. I went on the Xbox BETA App however it didn't desire to open. So I uninstalledthe app and reset up it yet it didn't desire to downpack. I went on the Microsoft Store bereason I kbrand-new I might downfill the game tright here considering that I bought it and also it wasn't part of the Xbox PC Game Pass. Didn't work-related out. The game wasn't downloading also if it showedthat I own the game. :)

I can't downpack play all over titles. When I look on xbox game pass on microsoft save it simply reflects empty card. I tried downloading games choose Sea of thieves throught microsoft website yet it shelp that it isn't avaiable even tho my frifinish downloaded it at the same time.

i describe you the problem:I buy a gamepass to attempt Sea of Thieves via friends, the gamepass is triggered and he's functioning no trouble via it.But when i go on Xbox keep & Windows store and also type "Sea of thieves" i can't uncover it (same for eexceptionally gamepass game)

I think it is bereason you are trying to download Sea of thieves rather of the anniversary edition.Try this:Open the Microsoft Store(No the gamepass app), then search for Sea of thieves: Anniversary Edition and also try to downpack that.

On the Microsoft Store I cannot watch Sea Of Thieves, I deserve to only watch it on the Xbox Client, however I deserve to check out the download on Microsoft Store, also the error.

I can"t download a game I bought (Sea of Thieves) on the Microsoft Store and I can"t... - Similar Threads - can't download game

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