Secure folder keeps popping up

Samsung Secure Folder is a cool feature that provides you a secret vault to save apps and records that you do not desire to be accessed by various other people on your phone. The function is accessible on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e, S9/S9+, Keep in mind 9/Note8, S8/S8+, S7 on Android 7.0 and over.

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If you wonder how to use Samsung Secure Folder, for example, exactly how to put up Secure Folder, how to accessibility it or hide photos and also apps on it, or if you don"t gain the feature, just how to disable it, below are all points you have to recognize around Secure Folder on Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to Set up Samsung Secure Folder on S10/S9/S8

To erected the Samsung Secure Folder on your phone, you need a Samsung account. If you do not have an account, produce one first. Then you have the right to follow the below measures to start Secure Folder.

Open Settings.Go to Lock display screen and also security(Biometrics and also defense if you are using a more recent model).Sign in via your Samsung account.Then you need to choose a method to lock Secure Folder: Pin, Password or Pattern and also select to allow one or even more biometrics methods(Fingerprint or Irises).A secure folder will be created on your phone.


How to Access Samsung Secure Folder on S10/S9/S8

You deserve to open up Samsung Secure Folder through pin, password, pattern, fingerprint or Irises.

If you have turned on Show Secure Folder on Settings > Lock display screen and protection > Secure Folder, then you have the right to find Secure Folder on your home screen, App Drawer or any type of various other location that you select to place the folder.


Tap the Secure Folder icon, enter the pin(pattern or password) or use your fingerprint to open it.


Or if you have actually two fingerprints erected on your Samsung phone, you can usage one fingerprint to unlock the normal house display screen, the other to unlock the Secure Folder. In such a instance, all you have to perform to access the special folder is unlocking the phone through the fingerprint for the Secure Folder.

How to Hide Apps, Photos or Files via Samsung Secure Folder

Hide Apps with Samsung Secure Folder

By surprise apps within Secure Folder on Samsung phone, you can have actually two versions of the apps. For example, you have the right to include the Calendar app into the Secure Folder, and also the calendars you include to the app in the Secure Folder won"t appear on the Calendar application on your App Drawer. To hide an app inside the Secure Folder.

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Unlock the Secure Folder.Tap Add Apps and add an application that has been mounted on your phone.Or tap Download from Play Store or Downpack from Galaxy Store to include a new app.


By selecting Edit Apps, you have the right to choose an app and pick to Add Shortreduced to Home. The secure variation of the application will certainly appear on the Home display screen through a babsence "i" symbol on the ideal bottom, which separates the app from the normal variation. Even though the app reflects up on the Home display, it requires your credentials to open up the application.

Hide Photos within Secure Folder

Open the Secure Folder.Tap Add Files > Image and pick photos.


You can also add the cam app into the Secure Folder and take key photos via the application. The photos taken by the video camera app inside the folder will not appear in the Gallery on the house display screen.

How to Disable Samsung Secure Folder

If you do not require a secure folder on your Samsung, you can uninstall the Secure Folder altogether.

Open the Secure Folder.Go to More > Settings > Uninstall.A pop-up window will certainly ask whether you would choose to rerelocate the media records from the Secure Folder. Check it if you desire to store the documents. And tap Uninstall.


Do you have actually any kind of other question around using the Secure Folder on Samsung? If tbelow is, leave your question listed below.

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Thanks Emily. I did both of those and also still no luck. What’s exciting is that I don’t also want a pin number on my phone however I have to have one for institution objectives. The pin is 1 number various in sequence ameans from my phones PW. The last time I changed the PIN I did is somepoint straightforward .. 2222.. and as soon as i attempt it, it doesn’t tell me I’m wrong choose if i was to usage something different. It’s choose the app crashes and also nothing happens.

I tried uninstalling the application, yet it desires my PIN to execute so.

I tried getting to out to Samsung but they want remote accessibility to my phone… um .. no.

I usage a Samsung Galaxy J7 pro and also just made a decision to inspect out what the secure folder was all about. After creating password it doesn’t show any type of area to click to add documents or so yet simply mirrors “All Apps” via a drop dvery own to enabled and disabled and reflects a whole lot of my apps. Now I don’t want to take chances for this reason do not desire to go on yet I’m not sure if these list of apps were auto added or so. I’m afrhelp to uninstall the secured folder establishing so I don’t loose my information and also frankly don’t want the secure folder anyeven more alsoNeed to recognize if the apps were auto added and also what I have the right to do to uninstall without losing data