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We have a Windows Server 2008 via C: and D: drives. I freed up 30 GB from the D: drive using the "shrink volume" choice and that demands to be added to C: drive. But the extfinish volume on the C: drive is disabled.

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Can you please tell me just how can I include the totally free area at the end of D: drive to C: drive?



Your D: drive need to be in extfinished partition. After shrinking, the free room is also in extended partition. To extend C: drive, tbelow must be some contiguous unallocated room on the best side of C: drive. Now it"s cost-free space however currently unalsituated space, it"s on the right side of D: drive yet not C: drive. The 2 factors reason extfinish volume greyed out. You must backup D: drive -> delete D: drive -> delete extended partition -> best click C: drive and choose "Extfinish Volume".

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I think you can"t do it while the OS is began. That"s why I deserve to tell you to attempt to resize it through a linux live-cd, choose Gparted-LiveCD, wich assistance many type of forms of partitions. keep thinking to backup your datas prior to resizing.

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To extend a partition, tbelow must be Unallocated room behind it. By shrinking a data partition, the unallocated room is behind this information partition, so you cannot extend mechanism partition by Extfinish feature, for details, check out how to shrink and also extend partition under disk management


You can just extfinish a partition if the cost-free room is simply after. So after extfinish, it"s a continous partition. You can not have C partition making use of room after the D partition

Anvarious other option might be to temporarily move the data on the D: drive (if possible) in other places, blow ameans the D: partition, extfinish the C:, then re-produce the D: and move the data back.

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You deserve to use GParted started fro ma linux Live CD or you have the right to also install a partition manager prefer EASEUS Partition Manager that is cost-free and job-related directly from your native Windows Server OS.

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