Simple scan no scanners detected

Just once you need it the most, you all of a sudden uncover out that your scanner doesn’t job-related, in truth, it doesn’t also being recognized by your distro and also the just message you see is: “No scanners detected” ! Frustrating isn’t it? Well, I recognize exactly how it feels bereason I too had actually to deal with such situation


Frustrating isn’t it? Well, I understand how it feels bereason I too had actually to address such situation myself, and also calling it frustrating would certainly be an understatement, however you gain the picture.

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So exactly how perform you take care of such case, that is, exactly how execute you get your scanner to be recognized by your presently used distro? and also furthereven more, just how execute you acquire it to work-related in case it doesn’t automagically does?

Make it be Recognized

First points initially, in order to get your scanner to job-related you need to first examine whether your distro has the correct driver or not?

The great news is, because you’re making use of Linux there’s no need for you to go and also search the Web for a particular driver (unmuch less yours is a rare case), instead all you have to do is to verify that you have the correct SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend.

1. To check out that you have the correct SANE backend enabled, open up Terminal and type:

superform gedit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

2. Now look for your manufacturer / model name inside this list, if you uncovered it yet noticed it’s commented by a # at the beginning of the line, then that suggests it’s not allowed. Remove the #, save and close the file.

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If you’re not certain what is your manufacturer / design name and also whether it’s supported or not, inspect out SANE sustained devices, for more info (Note: unsupported models may have links to websites which sell drivers that will permit your scanner to work).


Make it Work

3. The next action after verifying your SANE backend is enabled, is to also make sure that your USER is component of the scanner group, so that as soon as you open up a scanning app you’ll have all the privileges essential to attach to the scanner.

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To perform so, simply form the complying with (inside Terminal):

sudo gpasswd -a scanner

That’s need to perform the trick, revolve off and earlier on your scanner, and also it should be currently well-known by any SANE based app, such as; Simple-Shave the right to or an additional.