Sims 3 custom content not showing up in game


If your installed Expansion and also Stuff Packs aren’t showing as mounted in your Applications > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder and also you are receiving the Unwell-known Error message then you have to follow the instructions below to acquire your packs functioning correctly. This is regarded, yet not the exact same as, the other Unrecognized Error message through which records need copying from one EP to the various other. You will certainly additionally have to more than likely follow those instructions in order to finish the installation successfully. Get yourself comfortable prior to doing this, depending upon exactly how many EPs and SPs you have actually it may take a while!

Symptom:You have just downloaded and installed an Expansion or Stuff fill with Origin but the load is not arriving in your Applications > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder. If you attempt to launch the game from one more EP/SP or the base game you get the Unrecognized Error message.

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Affected Expansion and also Stuff Packs:Ambitions, Fast Lane, Late Night, Outdoor Living

Affected Macs:All those downloading and install and also installing the digital versions of the influenced packs through Origin.

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Cause:During the installation process the add on load alias (shortcut) is not being added to the base game Application folder so the game cannot uncover it.

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Navigate to your base game in Applications > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3, ideal click on it and also then choose Sjust how Package Contents.In the Finder window that opens navigate to Contents > Reresources > AddOns. Here you will view the icon for the packDouble click on the load icon you are lacking. You might acquire a popup telling you an update is easily accessible, go ahead and upday. If you are even more motivated to update Pergoals then go ahead and enter your password when triggered (this is a macOS security feature).After the update you will most likely acquire the Unrecognized Error message aobtain. Just click ok.Now best click the add-on load and pick Make Alias. Drag the alias file you have simply created right into the Applications > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder so the folder currently has the base game and also all your EP/SP shortcuts (aliases) in it. Delete the alias from the file name so it simply has actually the name of the EP/SP.Repeat the above for eincredibly EP/SP that has not installed into the Sims 3 Applications folder.