Sims 3 launcher keeps crashing

You recently have actually confronted some crashing problems through the game Sims 3? Well, you are not alone; tright here have actually been reported multiple troubles with this game. I’m here to help you via the difficulty.

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Sims 3 is a game from 2009, and it continues to have actually an energetic community that plays this fun and addictive games. Those individuals have reported some poor crashes once they are playing Sims 3 that doesn’t display you any type of hint or clue around what is wrong?

In this article, I want to leave some of the best options and also tips that I gathered from throughout Sims 3 forums and also also some websites that will certainly aid you to resolve this concern easily.


Method #1: Install Latest Patch

Sims 3 doesn’t have actually any new patches because 2014, so you might have actually the latest patch set up currently.

But in some instances, if you have downloaded the game from internte, for instance, you may not mounted the latest patches for Sims 3.

If you navigate to this page, you will view the latest easily accessible patch named Game upday 1.67

You need to make certain that you have that patch set up, and also anything will be okay, yet if you proceed to experience crashing worries on Sims 3, inspect the other tips.

Method #2: Play Sims 3 on Windowed Mode

This can be an old game yet likewise requires some power from your computer system to be able to render the human being smoothly.

If your computer system has actually some crashing concerns, probably your COMPUTER is struggling to run the game. Because of this you must stop some points prefer Fullscreen.

Launch Sims 3 and open up the OptionsTbelow, you will certainly be by default in the Graphics tabClick on the inspect switch to apply the changes and then go earlier to the game. Hopetotally, this time, tright here would certainly not be any type of crashing difficulties.

Method #3: Repair Sims 3 from Origin Launcher

If you launch Sims 3 from the Origin launcher, you have actually a useful utility that will aid you to settle numerous troubles with the game.

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This utility will scan your game information, and also then it will certainly repair any kind of lacking or corrupted data in ti instantly. To run this tool, follow these steps:

Open the Origin client and also navigate to the My GamesTbelow scroll down until you uncover the Sims 3 game and also right-click on itA brand-new window will certainly appear with the energy, and the repairment procedure will begin. When it finishes, restart your computer and also then test Sims 3 to certify that the crash problem has actually gone.

Method #4: Uninstall Mods

There have been reports about worries through the Sims 3 Pets development that can be causing crashing issues, and therefore, you will must remove that expansion to be able to play the game without the troubles.

As you should uninstall some certain growth, you must usage the Control Panel:

Open the Run window through the keyboard shortreduced Win + RType the command also regulate and also push Enter to open the Control PanelScroll down till you find the development Pets, possibly under the name The Sims 3 Pets ExpansionFollow the wizard to complete the process and also rebegin your computerCheck if Sims 3 have been resolved successfully

Method #5: Disable Uncrucial Services

On Windows, when you install 3rd party programs, they might likewise install some solutions that proceed running while you are working or gaming.

Some of those services are unessential and also have the right to be the cause of why you have actually crash problems on Sims 3.

To disable the solutions on Windows, follow these steps:

Press the tricks Success + R and kind the command also msconfig, then click OK to open the System Configuration utilityTright here, navigate to the Services tabClick on Apply to conserve the alters and also then rebegin your computerThis time your PC will certainly boot without unnecessary services, and also that could resolve the crashing difficulties in Sims 3

Method #6: Kill Background Apps

If you have actually set up Steam, Discord, or Skype on your computer, they will likewise continue running as soon as you are not utilizing them.

If you desire to play Sims 3 without difficulties, you have to save the fewer amount of programs running on your computer at the exact same. You can carry out that quickly from the Task Manager like this:

To open up the Task Manager, you have the right to usage the key-board shortreduced Ctrl + Change + EscClose the Task Manager and launch Sims 3, you may notification a far-reaching improvement this time through the crashing issues

Method #7: Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

Sims 3 doesn’t let you even play for about 5 minutes because it always keeps crashing? Well, that is a wicked difficulty, however you can settle it utilizing the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

To run this energy on Windows 10, follow these basic steps:

You have to open up the Setups from the Start Menu (the cog symbol at the ideal side)In the left side, click the choice TroubleshootNow, you have the right to try to launch Sims 3 to verify if it is functioning without issues

Method #8: Update Graphics Card

Do the crash worries store appearing eextremely time you play Sims 3? Well, don’t quit yet and also uninstall the game. Tbelow are an additional reminder and solution that could help you to solve this worry successfully, updating your graphics card.

You deserve to perform this procedure, adhering to these simple steps:

Rightclick the Start Menu or press the keys Success + X, in the food selection that opens click Device ManagerOnce opened up, open the area Display adapters and there your GPU deviceFinally, choose the choice Search automatically for drivers in the window that opens up and also lets Windows upday your GPU. Don’t concern around this tool because given that Windows 10 does an excellent project finding the latest motorists, however if it doesn’t find anypoint, you can try to download the drivers from your merchant webwebsite.

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Wrapping Up

So much, those were the ideal tips and solutions to the crashing concerns on Sims 3 that I know can help you. If you have any kind of problem complying with the steps or need more assist, you deserve to reach me in the comment area below.

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