Sims 4 cc not showing up in cas


When installing custom content and mods there’s a few pitfalls you should be aware of to prevent Mods/CC not getting here in your game.

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Sometimes it’s all of the custom content, periodically it’s only part of it.

I’ve compiled a list of things you have the right to attempt listed below.

Make sure you have actually mods/cc turned on in your game options. If you are using script mods, make sure that is likewise turned on.

Be conscious that each significant patch transforms the custom content/mods off. This is not for fun but to protect your game from incompatible mods. All mods/cc can potentially cause worries if the game code is updated and also therefore they are turned off. Please make sure your mods/cc are all compatible with a patch prior to turning the choice ago on.


Especially after an update, the game have the right to be motivated to to use oneDriveor iCloud instead of your neighborhood user folder, causing all mods/cc being lacking. In this instance, typically your save games are likewise missing. Check out this article on exactly how to uncover out which user folder the game is using:How to discover your user folder.

Do make sure that the course of the folder you’ve added the mods to precisely matches.

It’s also very easy to accidentally relocate a folder on Windows in which situation, you could be looking at a folder within a folder. A great test for this is likewise that if you remove the mods folder entirely, the game need to immediately develop a new one if you start the game. If it doesn’t, a various folder is offered.


Most records you downfill are either .zip, .rar or .7z records. You have to unload them initially and put the actual package/ts4script files into the mods folder.

Tools choose 7-zip or WinRarare essential for a lot of archive documents.

Check the mod list ingame to check out if there are any of the mods/cc lacking. The ones that are not listed tbelow will the majority of probably not be getting here ingame. Tright here are a number of reasons why they are not showing and also the majority of likely need to be rerelocated.

Tbelow are two sections. One for Custom Content and also Tuning mods (Custom Content) and one for Script Mods. Some components of Script mods additionally appear under tradition content which is correct and nopoint to issue around. The package file of the mod present up under practice content, the ts4script as manuscript mods.


ScriptMods likewise appear appear in the list, if you have actually them still in ZIP format (not unpacked). The trouble ist that they don’t work in this state. I’m guessing they’re still being presented as mounted as ScriptMods provided to be in Zip-Data format at the start of Sims 4. Make sure you always unfill zip archives.


The reresource.cfg that gets created by the game permits for approximately 5 nested sub-folders. Don’t go deeper than that or the mods won’t present up.

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You have to modify the resource.cfg If you want even more nested subfolders.

Script Mods can’t be in sub-folders or they will certainly not show up. They typically consist of several papers. Create one folder and also put all documents to that mod into that folder. That folder has to be within the mods folder and also not in sub-folders.


Make certain that none of the custom content you downloaded is for Sims 2 or Sims 3. Once downloaded, they are hard to tell acomponent as they are all package papers.

You can usage devices such as the Mod Conflict Detector to detect them.

Some mods/cc deserve to problem through each other.

You have the right to usage devices such as the Mod dispute detector to detect them. The tool deserve to just detect disputes in between mods/cc and not in between the game and also mods/cc.

Make sure they are still compatible with the game. The Net is a great resource for that. Also inspect with the creator or read comments on the page where you acquired the mod from.

Recolors require the original mesh. If you downpack something that you don’t have (reason the original is one more custom content or component of a load you don’t own), they will not show up although you deserve to most likely view them on the list.

Make sure to review the summary of the downfill regarding wbelow it can be. Sometimes a something is a tatalso that you intend to be makeup or otherwise weirdly categorized.

Downloaded Sims and also dwellings belengthy in the tray and not the mods folder. The file you download might not incorporate the practice content it has provided so make certain to read instructions.

If you have actually worries with some cc/mods not arriving, try them in teams and also don’t include also many type of in one go.

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Batch solve your custom content through Sims 4 Studio. This only functions for custom content and also not mods. This doesn’t constantly help so you can just need to rerelocate the custom content that’s not showing up.

I advise against downloading whole mod folder from the net. You don’t recognize what you’re downloading and also just how outdated the things are. This can bring about problems.

Almeans find the original creators and downfill from them (it’s additionally a curtsy to the original creator)