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The Sims 4 rolled out hot fixes for the June patch that caused some save papers to crash the game. Here’s what to execute if yours is still crashing.

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The Sims 4 June patch, which lugged back some much-loved NPCs, added complimentary placing of doors and also windows to develop mode, carried ladders to the game and also overhauled the bill system – amongst other things – has actually been a hit. Except for those that haven’t been able to play their game at all since the patch.

 Sims 4 June patch: Crashing saves

The upday caused some save files to crash on loading – even if Simmers took the uta lot of treatment with their mods folder before the update. Some could believed that the crash was dvery own to rogue practice content, yet quickly after the Sims 4 June patch, the team shown that it was a game worry.

It didn’t take long for the Sims 4 team to roll out hot fixes for the crashing concern related to the June patch. Some Simmers, but, are reporting that their game is still crashing as soon as trying to load save files.

What to execute if The Sims 4 is still crashing after the June update

First, make certain you have updated your game for the Sims 4 patch hotfixes that have actually rolled out. If you have actually turned off automatic updates for The Sims 4 and Origin – remember to inspect for these manually. Start a new save file – don’t delete the old one – to test if your game functions as soon as beginning from scratch.

If your game is as much as date, remove every little thing in your mods folder (including the Reresource file). Also, clear your game’s cache before trying to play.

How to clear The Sims 4 cache

 Navigate to your game documents – generally located at Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ on both COMPUTER and Mac.

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1. Delete the localthumbscache.package file in this brochure. 

2. Go inside the cache folder and also delete all documents that end in .cache. DO NOT delete the actual directory.

You have the right to likewise delete all the documents in the cachestr folder, yet don’t delete the folder itself. Deleting the spotlight.package file is okay.

Once you’ve done this try to start the game fill the conserve file that’s causing the Sims 4 to crash.

If this fixes the difficulty, you can progressively begin including your mods and tradition content earlier. If the problem resurencounters, then then there can be an issue via your mods or CC and also you must upday these.

Consingle players have been reporting that their games are still crashing, yet. If you have actually followed all the measures to clear your game cache and attempt a brand-new save file, report the Sims 4 crashing worry on EA Answers HQ for better assistance.


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