Skype blocks all other sounds

You fire up Skype and all of a sudden whatever on your computer is radically quieter. While that’s great for ensuring you don’t blast your video conference partners via music it can also be a detriment once it mutes sounds you should hear. Read on as we deal with the Skype silencing issue.

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Dear How-To Geek,

Lately I’ve been using Skype to talk to my nephew while we play video games together. It works pretty well as a voice chat channel while we’re playing, however there’s one super annoying attribute that I can’t seem to deal with.

Everytime I start Skype, Skype appears to almost mute all various other audio (every audio source yet Skype is more than likely only 10-20% its previous volume). I’ve looked anywhere in the Skype menus, however I can’t find a single thing that indicates any type of sort of manage over this volume-dampening impact.

I can manually open up up the Windows Volume Mixer from the device tray and fiddle with each individual volume manage for each individual audio resource but that’s 1) a vast pain and also 2) only momentary as the second I shut down Skype and also start it again then all the quantities are automatically lessened.

What gives? How perform I fix this?


It’s Too Quiet

The factor you can’t discover any type of setting in Skype to control the sweeping volume adjustments that occur when you run Skype concurrently with various other sound-creating apps (choose your video game) is bereason it isn’t actually Skype that’s percreating the change.

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Windows automatically recognizes Skype as an audio/video chat communication tool and also, by default, assumes that when the interaction tool is energetic that you would favor all the other device sounds to be humelted in order to both hear your companion even more clearly and also not have actually those sounds blast your microphone and develop a bunch of disruptions and also background noise.

In your application, however, you likely desire to hear the game sounds (wearing headphones to isolate the sounds from the microphone is ideal here) and the perkid you’re chatting via. In order to readjust points we’ll have to head into the Windows Control Panel.

Navigate to Control Panel -> Hardware and also Sound -> Sound and also then choose the Communications tab (you deserve to likewise jump to the Sound settings by keying mmsys.cpl in the run dialog box).


By default Windows automatically adjusts the volume of other sounds by 80% (your guess that the sounds were 10-20% their prior volume was fairly an excellent one). You can pick to have actually the sounds just diminished by 50%, to be entirely muted, or for Windows to do nothing at all.

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In your situation it’s appropriate to set it to carry out nothing at all and then, if you uncover any particular sound is also loud, you can open up the Volume Mixer and also make tiny adjustments as essential.

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