Skype mutes all other sounds

When you’re in the middle of a Skype contact on Windows 10, the app might mute all other sounds. If you examine the volume mixer settings, the various other apps are not muted, yet you can’t hear anypoint while using Skype. Let’s see why that happens and what you have the right to do about it.

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Fix: Skype Blocks All Other Sounds on Windows 10

Go to Settings and select System.Then click on Sound.Select Device properties.
Then navigate to Additional tool settings.
Click on the Advanced tab.Uninspect Allow applications to take exclusive manage of this device.
Restart your computer and also check if Skype still blocks sounds from various other apps and also programs.

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Check System Sound Settings

If the mechanism sound volume is not collection to 100 and you manually reduced the volume on your speakers or headphones, specific device sounds may come to be inaudible.

Navigate to SettingsSystem and choose Sound.Then go to Advanced sound options.Select App volume and also device preferences.Ensure the volume for the device sounds is collection to 100.


If You’re Using Skype for Business

If you’re making use of Skype for Business, and also you’re trying to play a record during a meeting, the other attendees won’t hear the sound from that record. Skype behaves choose this by architecture. Keep in mind that Skype for Business deserve to only transport the audio signal from your mic. The application cannot capture and carry device sounds from your PC.

As a workroughly, you deserve to insert the recording right into a PowerPoint file and also then share the presentation through the other attendees.

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If you desire to enable sounds from your device and other apps while utilizing Skype, ensure Skype doesn’t take full manage of your audio devices. Furthermore, make certain individual application and alert sounds are not muted.